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Dennys World News May 2014: U.S., World NEWS LINKS

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English: Map of what was called New Russia dur...
English: Map of what was called New Russia during the Russian Empire (now southern Ukraine). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  Back up blogging after weeks long onslaught of Russian cyberattacks on my blogs.  Oh, well, nothing like waiting them out and recircling like a proper yard cat.  A lot of fussing and cussing at Blogger and Google up on Twitter was also helpful.

Nor am I well impressed with the NSA and CIA gremlins still surveilling me because of my vociferous opinions about their police state tactics, especially against journalists.  These days, as a journalist, it's getting more difficult to tell the Good Guys Governments from the Bad Guys Governments because ALL of them are suppressing the Truth from every media outlet quarter, including bloggers.

Of course, you didn't think a little strong arming would stop me, now did you?  Hey, I look at it this way, managed to gain plenty of followers in Russia and Ukraine as a side benefit.  FYI, folks in Russia and Ukraine, I won't be following any of you back on Twitter.  I figure you have enough garbage to deal with from your governments.  Having an American journalist following you might place some of you in precarious positions.  But I'll keep you in my thoughts - and prayers too.

I'm building this news link base as an easy way to follow the timeline of various global issues as they develop.  Check it out as this post will be updated daily during the month:

Paper Trail? NSA Releases Email Snowden Sent to Agency Officials

NSA Officials: Snowden Emailed With Question, Not Concern

Edward Snowden Says He Was Inspired by Pentagon Papers Whistleblower

Edward Snowden says he was trained 'as a spy'

Snowden: 'no relationship' with Russian government (1:42) 

May 29 - Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden tells a U.S. television interviewer he is not under the control of Russia's government. Sarah Toms reports.

Is Edward Snowden a tattletale? A mother's reply

Edward Snowden, NSA whistle-blower, 'patriot,' or 'traitor'? How do you explain the Snowden debate to kids?

Iranian hackers use fake Facebook accounts to spy on U.S., others

Poland’s example may offer Ukraine a way out

Ukraine separatists down army helicopter, 14 killed

Gas talks set for Friday as Ukraine cut-off deadline looms

Kremlin adviser steps up war of words with U.S. over Ukraine - "An outspoken Kremlin adviser accused the United States on Thursday of trying to stoke a military conflict between Russia and European nations over Ukraine for its own economic gain." - more Crazy Talk from The Sputtering Putin Camp.  The reality is that Ukraine is costing the US millions of dollars, and, in the end, probably billions of dollars to prop up its government until it can stand alone.  As usual, Russian arguments are non-starters.

East Ukraine city largely calm after battle, rebels seek Russian help

Detained OSCE monitors should be freed soon, says Ukraine rebel leader - here we go again: kidnapping international observers to torture and kill - or use for prisoner exchanges.

Ukraine's arms firms walk tightrope between Kiev and Moscow - "Now, in the face of the Ukrainian crisis and greater economic hardship, Yuzhmash faces a difficult balancing act between its political masters in Kiev, its biggest customer in Russia and the threat from pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine who have tried raiding factory stockpiles.  The plight of Yuzhmash, whose full name is the Southern Machine-building Plant, highlights the importance of defense ties between Moscow and Kiev for both sides."

Merkel says lessons of world wars strengthened her Crimea stance

Russia's Lavrov warns of 'fratricidal war' in Ukraine - Lavrov no longer holds any credibility with the West.  If his lips are moving we all know he's lying.  He has ruined his career following Putin down the crooked path.

Russia's Gazprom says Ukraine will owe $5.2 billion as of June 7 - and Putin still owes Ukraine their $85 billion he stole out of the country.  Looks like Ukraine can just "net-net" what they owe out of the stolen funds not yet returned.

Russia expresses concern about Abkhazia unrest - the locals are fed up with the Russian puppet government here in Georgia and are attempting to topple it.

Miners rally in favor of separatists in eastern Ukraine - yeah, whatever, just more Russians trucked in to appear to be locals complaining about Ukraine government.  Just like the now dead "separatists" who were really Russians pretending to be Ukrainians.  Those bodies were returned to Russia after Putin admitted they were really Russian "volunteers" not Ukraine nationals.

Russia seeks life sentences for men convicted of killing [human rights reporter] Anna Politkovskaya - "Russian prosecutors asked a judge on Tuesday to hand down life sentences for two men convicted of the 2006 murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, whose killing deepened Western concerns about the rule of law under President Vladimir Putin."

Ukraine's leaders see Russian origin in violent insurgency

Russia denies mass border crossings are taking place, although separatist leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic now freely admit their ragtag army has many foreigners, including some from the Russian province of Chechnya.

Why Egyptians voted for Sisi

House passes bill seeking Venezuela sanctions

Boko Haram still holding 219 girls, after escape of four more reported

Special Report: The rifts behind Nigeria's mass kidnap

Husband of Woman Stoned to Death Had Killed First Wife: Report

U.S. Military:  Drill Sergeant Charged With Sexually Assaulting a Dozen Women

U.S. veterans health probe confirms cover-up of care delays (1:04) 

May 29 - Calls for U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign grow louder after the agency's inspector general confirms ''systemic'' and widespread VA scheduling abuses to cover up long wait times for veterans' healthcare. Vanessa Johnston reports.

U.S. veterans health probe confirms cover-up of care delays - article

Obama wants 'accountability' for veterans: White House

Veterans watchdog: Phoenix VA missed care for 1,700 vets

The investigation, initially focused on the Phoenix hospital, found systemic problems in the VA's sprawling nationwide system, which provides medical care to about 6.5 million veterans each year.

Exclusive: Medicare on drugs: 24,000 tests for 145 patients

U.S. Justice Department seeks more than $10 billion penalty from BNP Paribas: WSJ - "The U.S. Justice Department is pushing BNP Paribas SA to pay more than $10 billion to resolve a criminal probe into allegations that the French bank evaded U.S. sanctions against Iran and other countries for years, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Sources told Reuters in May that BNP Paribas was in talks with U.S. authorities to pay more than $3 billion to resolve probes into whether the biggest French bank violated sanctions on Iran, Sudan and other countries."

Eyewitness Views: From hope to horror in Tiananmen Square

Maya Angelou: 5 ways she will be remembered

Maya Angelou succeeded in many mediums during her lifetime. Here are a few of the many ways the world will recall her legacy.

Maya Angelou: 10 quotes on her birthday

Female billionaires, politicians dominate Forbes 'Powerful Women' list

Female billionaires occupied many of the top spots in Forbes' annual list, 'The World's 100 Most Powerful Women.' Oprah Winfrey and other self-made female billionaires crowded the list, but two government figures (and one making her debut) took the top spots. 

State of the art: Women call few of film's digital shots

Elderly find a haven from abuse – and a sense of belonging

A shelter in New York takes in the elderly who've experienced financial, psychological, or physical harm and provides medical care, counseling, and legal assistance.

Homelessness declines as new thinking fuels 'giant untold success'

Homelessness in America has declined 17 percent since 2005 as states reverse the old prevailing wisdom. Now, moving into a home can be the first step off the streets, not the last.

Waves of immigrant minors present crisis for Obama, Congress

Hagel to make decisions on Guantanamo detainees 'fairly soon' - this is really ridiculous.  the majority can be returned home and the hard core can be either imprisoned for life or executed.  make a decision and quit leaving these prisoners and the US in limbo.  

U.S. Navy secretary defends new warship program

How corporate jets fly under shareholder radar

Battle at Donetsk airport; new Ukraine leader says no talks with 'terrorists'

EU says further progress made in Ukraine-Russia gas row -Putin steals $85 billion from Ukraine and then the EU negotiates for Ukraine to pay Russia another $2 billion???

Ukraine vote slows momentum for further Russia sanctions in EU - the EU really is stupid here not to exact farther reaching sanctions on to Russia.  Putin is NOT going to stop attacking Ukraine.  

Ukraine army, rebels battle for control of Donetsk airport

Ukraine launches air strikes against rebel-held airport - great strong showing by Ukraine's newly elected President Poroshenko.

Putin says no new Cold War, no way back to the USSR - if Putin's lips are moving he is lying.  yes, indeed, the West is watching Russia closely now, bearing down for greater scrutiny on all of Russia's activities no matter how obscure or small.

Putin accuses Britain's Prince Charles of unroyal behavior - what??? Putin accuses my (extremely distant) English cousin of unroyal behavior?  come on, seriously??  Prince Charles is totally accurate in his assessment of Putin - and his Russian mob that have completely taken over the Russian government.

Rosneft, BP agree to explore for shale oil in Russia amid sanctions - and now we know why the EU refuses to carry out deeper sanctions against Russia:  money whores.

Sanctions will make Russia use ruble for trade: PM Medvedev

China and Qatar seek more Russia investment as U.S. interest fades - watch China and Qatar lose money quickly and then they will come whining back to the West.  of course, the money whores in the West will greet them with open arms.

Russia has secret document spelling out reaction to sanctions - Putin is really stressing out about the current sanctions and the dread of the future sanctions we all know will eventually be levied against Russia.  

Visa, Mastercard vow to stay as Russia softens tone on rules - "Russia's parliament in April introduced legislation demanding the credit companies make a hefty security deposit to the central bank, a response to sanctions imposed on Moscow over its involvement in Ukraine." - Watch Putin use this situation to siphon off funds to his personal accounts.  If VISA and Mastercard are stupid enough to do this then they deserve to be victims of this latest scam from Putin's Russian Mob crime syndicate.

Russia's 'Leviathan' pleases Cannes, angers Russian minister - "The director of a Russian film about corruption that received favorable reviews in Cannes said on Friday Russia's culture minister disapproved of it but he hoped it would be seen there despite pending curbs on profanity in entertainment."

Gazprom CEO says China gas deal will affect European market - China got the better of Putin on this deal and Putin is most unhappy about it.  China will find a way to take advantage of him again and again now that they know how desperate he is to keep the Russian economy from failing, and, most importantly, his mob business associates happy enough not to kill him.  stay tuned on that front...

Anti-EU parties gain in Europe polls (1:54) 

May 26 - Eurosceptic parties rack up election gains as EU critics more than doubled their seats. Paul Chapman reports.

Five big challenges for Modi's new government in India

Modi sworn in as India's Prime Minister (1:14) 

May 26 - Narendra Modi, the low caste son of a tea seller, takes the oath to become India's next Prime Minister. Deborah Gembara reports.

Top CIA officer in Afghanistan mistakenly named by White House: report - fire the White House idiot that did not proof read this and the jerk that told the press he/she thinks this is not catastrophic.  it is if it's YOUR life on the line, you fools.

Tears and cheers during Memorial Day weekend celebrations across U.S. (2:02) 

May 26 - The nation marked the Memorial Day holiday weekend with wreath-laying ceremonies, wounded warrior baseball games, a concert on the National Mall and beach strolls to mark the unofficial start of summer. Mana Rabiee reports

Snowden set for first US TV interview with NBC's Brian Williams - Wed. May 28

Report: Snowden hired Espionage Act expert

Bill ending NSA bulk data collection clears U.S. House - weak bill that still unofficially "collects" but leaves it in the hands of telecom companies instead of with the NSA.  Come on, seriously???  This weak bill does not deal with the problem of intrusion into the privacy of all Americans as it originally was meant to do before getting completely gutted.  Can't this Congress and this President do anything more than nibble on the outside edges of serious issues?  This is why no one takes any of them seriously any more, on either side of the political aisle - too many hot air speeches with no serious substantive follow-up.

now read this as to how the bill was duly watered down and became a national embarrassment:

Russia moves some troops away from Ukraine; NATO says big force remains - like I mentioned yesterday, Putin was just repositioning his troops.  After the border clashes yesterday, looks like that's where those few dozens of troops were "repositioned."  The Ukraine troops and border guards held and kicked some Russian butt.

Ukraine forces, pro-Russian rebels clash as election looms

U.S. military chief to Taliban  [Afghanistan]: Seize the moment to negotiate

U.S. states probe eBay cyber attack as customers complain

When Putin ordered up new hospitals, his associates botched the operation

Ukraine's three answers to Russia's fear campaign

The election this Sunday is just one of Ukraine's response to Russian intimidation. The others are daily walks by workers in defiance of armed separatists and a government dialogue in the east about power sharing. This assertion of civic values is the best antidote to fear.

European elections: Is concern about Russia boosting EU popularity?

Voters across Europe will be choosing their European MPs this weekend, and Ukrainians vote for a new president on Sunday – with Russia casting a shadow over both contests.

Pelosi: Potential criminal wrongdoing at VA

Union: Give VA more money to end scandal

White House fears VA reform bill could mean 'significant litigation'

IRS to modify rules for tax-exempt groups

Senate sends $12.3B water projects bill to Obama’s desk - to boost U. S. ports and waterways - and, look, Mom, no earmarks in this bill either!

Rival Christian interests undermine Pope's message of Middle East peace

Israel wants Pope Francis to promote peace on his visit. But with Christians increasingly backing opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they may be calcifying the divide.

No signs Syria is handing over remaining chemical weapons - this is no surprise

Damascenes fear Assad election will provoke rebel onslaught - "(This story was reported by a journalist whose name has been withheld for security reasons)" - 1st time I've seen this tagline for a journalist and it's about time considering the crappy dangerous environment in which they are risking their lives to get out the news.

Prince Charles provokes diplomatic dispute with Russia by comparing Putin to Hitler - when it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess what, it's a duck!  you tell 'em, Charlie!

Exclusive: SEC probes Schwab, Merrill, for anti-money laundering violations - sources - really cracking down on money laundering or is this just more window dressing smoke and mirrors?

US Navy turns seawater into fuel (2:26) 

May 19 - The US Navy is turning seawater into fuel. Scientists at the US Naval Research Lab have been able to extract CO2 and hydrogen from the ocean and repackage it in a form of fuel that could one day power the Navy's fleet. Brittany Peterson has more.

Obama's new national monument: Undermining border security?

President Obama declared almost a half-million acres of desert terrain along the U.S.-Mexico border as a national monument. Praised by environmentalists, some lawmakers in the West see Obama's move as a threat to border security.

Prosecutors release note of Boston bombing suspect, defend questioning

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was questioned for 36 hours without an attorney – and the defense wants his statements excluded as evidence. Prosecutors, defending the interrogation, cite a note Tsarnaev is alleged to have written while hiding in a boat.

India’s tectonic shift

The electoral victory of Narendra Modi and the BJP marks a major shift for India – inspiring great hope for many and worry for others. However, both the euphoria and the fears will calm down when Modi gets down to the hard business of governing a large, diverse, chaotic India.

An India ready to dream big

A sweeping election victory for Narendra Modi and his Hindu-nationalist party reflects an India with new views of its capacity for progress. But Mr. Modi must not interpret the voters' big dreams as a mandate for big-man rule.

China's progress is not in theft of trade secrets

The US indictment of five Chinese military men for cyber-espionage against American firms is really a challenge to Beijing to fulfill its own goal of sustaining growth through home-grown innovation in technology.

When Nigerian Islamic militant group Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 girls in Chibok, it galvanized world opinion and inspired one of the biggest social media campaigns ever – #BringBackOurGirls. While medium- and long-term strategies to end the Boko Haram insurgency have yet to be devised, the Nigerian government and those supporting it in the international community could do more in the short term to act on some practical and urgent ideas sprouting up from the grass roots.

'Giraffe' meteor shower could light up skies Saturday morning

Meteors appearing to radiate from the constellation of Camelopardalis, or the Giraffe, are expected on Saturday, as our planet passes through the debris field of a little-known comet.

Astronomers link space explosion to huge, mysterious star

The progenitor of supernova SN 2013cu was a nitrogen-rich Wolf-Rayet star, say astronomers using a new technique to identify the chemistry of stars just after they explode.

Crowdfunded team to attempt contact with 70s-era NASA probe

A private crowdfunded group plans to use the powerful Arecibo Obervatory in Puerto Rico to send messages to NASA's International Sun-Earth Explorer 3 probe, which ceased science operations in 1997.

How do the biggest, brightest stars die? Supernova discovery reveals clues.

Instead of quietly collapsing into black holes, as some astronomers predicted, at least some Wolf-Rayet stars explode spectacularly, say astronomers.



vast majority of locals don't agree with the separatists and are angry they are interfering with Ukraine's vote - 


Russian troops preparing to leave Ukraine border area - not really moving, just repositioning and resupplying. what a bunch of lies, yet again, from Thief Putin.  see story below on the tip of the iceberg of Putin's theft from the Russian people:

Billion-dollar medical project helped fund “Putin’s palace” on the Black Sea 

- told you Putin was an accomplished thief.

Russian graft rife and multi-faceted, says exile

The palace on the Black Sea

How Russian money flowed through banks in Europe

Putin calls Ukraine's detention of Russian journalists 'unacceptable' - come on, seriously?  Putin sends in spies to Ukraine disguised as "journalists" and then whines when the Ukrainians catch on to his lying.  Russia doesn't have any real journalists.  Russia only has propaganda liars masquerading as journalists.  they would not recognize the Truth if it jumped up and bit them in the face.

Putin says will be hard to work with Ukraine's new leaders - come on, really??  "do ya think?" Ukraine wants to work with Putin after he tried to steal their country blind???

In cyber spying row, Chinese media call U.S. a 'mincing rascal' - seriously?  it might sound good in Chinese but sounds childishly stupid in English.  their racism is peeking out yet again:  shame on China for being so unprofessional in conducting government affairs.  makes you wonder how corrupt are the Chinese leaders now that Putin has been linked to billion dollar corruption in Russia's health system.

As Putin looks east, China and Russia sign huge gas supply deal - Putin thinks he got around the West by cinching this deal with China.  oh, how he has no idea of what is going to come about as a result of this stupid deal.  Putin has boxed himself in to becoming co-dependent upon China.  wait until he is on the short end of the stick like Ukraine is with Russia.  it will be interesting to watch China pancake Russia's economy rather than bolster it. stay tuned, folks, this is going to be fodder for the comedians.  

and China?  they will soon enough "enjoy" a massive "correction" for all their nefarious doings as well.  and there is nothing they can do to stop the tsunami of bad karma marching their way.  no clues, China, it's time you get caught unaware just like all the other bad government heads.  hint: it ain't coming from the opposition political folks but rather it's a force of Nature heading your way and you just can't stop or outwit Mother Nature.

As Russia pivots to Asia, some ask how far east it's willing to look

Russia and China may have signed a $400 billion gas supply deal today, but Latin American countries like Chile and Peru are holding out hope Moscow will cast its gaze across the Pacific.

India scales up military forces on disputed China border

India is creating a mountain strike corps of 90,000 soldiers along the 2,000-mile stretch. Just last year Chinese troops entered territory claimed by India, sparking a three-week standoff.





Democrats Push to Restart CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research

The Buck Stops With Obama on Tepid Financial Reform - incredible article detailing why the Obama administration is failing on so many fronts.

NYC child porn bust: Rabbi, cop, Boy Scout leader among 70 arrested

A sweeping investigation into the anonymous trading of child porn over the Internet resulted in at least 70 arrests in the New York City area. The cyber dragnet resulted in the seizure of nearly 600 desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

NFL handed out painkillers like 'Halloween candy,' says players' lawsuit

Some 600 former NFL players are suing the football league for health problems they claim were caused by team doctors who routinely — and often illegally — dispensed powerful narcotics and other controlled substances to mask the pain.

How focusing on profit can help the poor

Water technology company Xylem makes a profit on its foot-operated irrigation pumps for poor farmers. But those profits allow it to stay around to service its products and develop new ones.

The art of public mourning

Photos, notes, and similar objects left at memorial sites pose a problem: What should happen to them? 

World's Happiest Country? Would You Believe Paraguay?

Israel Denies 'Baseless' Rumor It Will Give 'Last Supper Room' to Pope

Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez Launches Independent News Site, Gets Hacked

Cuba's first major independent general-interest news outlet in five decades was hacked on Wednesday shortly after being launched by the country's best-known dissident blogger

HPV Found in Two-Thirds of Americans, Survey Finds - a survey of only 103 people from a New York university.  come on, seriously??  a big scare to sell the HPV virus vaccine that only maybe protects from 2 of the 119 varieties of the virus.  this is shoddy science and just plain thoughtless.

World's oldest man, 111, reveals key to his longevity

If you’re a hacker who smokes pot, the FBI would like to speak with you. About a job.


Is Obama nudging VA chief Shinseki offstage?

President Obama gave embattled VA Secretary Eric Shinseki tepid support at a White House press conference: 'If he thinks he’s let our veterans down, then I’m sure that he is not going to be interested in continuing to serve.'

From deployed to employed: Nick Swaggert guides vets to civilian jobs

Genesis10, a consulting firm, acts as a 'translator' between veterans and corporations, showing how military experience is great training for a wide variety of positions.

American Realty to sell its shopping centers to Blackstone - to fund buying of 500 Red Lobster restaurants:  what about the jobs???

Court rejects BP appeal: BP must pay for oil spill damages, says court

BP payout settlement stands: A federal appeals court on Monday refused to reconsider its previous ruling that businesses don't have to prove they were directly harmed by BP's 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill to collect settlement payments.

Credit Suisse pleads guilty, pays $2.6 billion in US tax evasion case

Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-largest bank, acknowledged helping US clients hide assets from the IRS and agreed to pay the largest penalty ever imposed in a criminal tax case.

PetSmart treats: China-made treats won't be sold by 2015

PetSmart treats: Now both PetCo. and PetSmart say they will stop selling dog and cat treas made in China. There have been more than 1,000 reports of dog deaths after eating Chinese-made chicken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats.

Iron Man: Super suit trying to jump from the movie screen to the battlefield

Special ops forces may be able to don, in a few years, an 'Iron Man-like' suit equipped with a liquid armor exoskeleton, smart fabrics that stop bleeding, and enhanced sensory capabilities.

Old NASA rover snaps spectacular image of huge Mars crater

Having already explored the Red Planet for more than a decade, NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has recently captured a series of images of the 14-mile wide Endeavour Crater, which the space agency has stitched together into a stunning panorama.

How to make matter from light? Physicists propose ingenious tool (+video)

Scientists have long known the process by which light can be turned into matter, but a new collider proposed by a team of physicists could lead to a new range of experiments.

A rare sight: Colorado River connects with Gulf of California

A high tide last week connected the Gulf of California with the Colorado River, following an artificial flood aimed at restoring the river's parched delta. 

New cameras to probe planets beyond our solar system (+video)

Two new cameras designed to directly image Jupiter-class planets orbiting other stars and gather data on atmospheres have been brought on line at major observatories in Chile.

Bestselling books the week of 5/22/14, according to IndieBound*

What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.

NEW BOOK:  'The Good Spy' by Kai Bird makes the case for a more humane form of espionage

Kai Bird's biography of Robert Ames – a CIA operative whom Bird praises as an almost perfect spy – offers valuable insight on the Middle East.

NEW BOOK:  "Mantle of Command" examines FDR's role as commander in chief

Nigel Hamilton studies FDR's relatively overlooked role as military leader during World War II.

NEW BOOK:  'All the Light We Cannot See' is a compelling WWII novel by acclaimed author Anthony Doerr

'Light' centers on a German teenager and a young French girl who meet during World War II.

U.S. to disclose legal justification for drone strikes on Americans

GM recalls another 2.6 million vehicles, doubles second-quarter charge

U.S. sanctions 12 Russians for human rights violations

Russia says Ukraine election may aggravate crisis

Kremlin says Putin has ordered troops from border with Ukraine - "Unfortunately, I have to say that we haven't seen any evidence at all that the Russians have started a withdrawal of troops from the Ukraine borders," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a news conference in Brussels.

Top Russian general warns NATO over activity near border - Russia's top general has told the chairman of NATO's Military Committee by telephone that the Atlantic bloc's increased military activity near the Russian border is not helping European security, the Defense Ministry said on Monday.

Conviction for U.S. inflation rise strengthens: Reuters poll

U.N. monitors warn on human rights in east Ukraine, Crimea

Russian economy may falter if Ukraine crisis continues

Russian energy companies begin to feel pinch as the Ukraine crisis continues and Western nations consider sanctions against Russian energy. If Ukraine's turmoil continues, the Russian economy could lose $115 billion in revenues in 2015.

Lawmakers seek to kill Pentagon contracts with Russian firms - best idea yet from Congress.

Ukrainian foreign minister calls on West to impose tougher sanctions on Russia - "In addition, we've intercepted numerous telephone conversations between separatist leaders and Russian agents which prove that they are getting their orders from Russia."

ArcelorMittal opposes Western sanctions against Russia - watch the billionaires squirm, working hard to control the EU their way.

Russia lambasts U.N. report on rights in Ukraine - One-Trick Pony Putin is at it again spewing propaganda that no one with a brain accepts.

Russia loses $275 million satellite in latest rocket failure - Russians are lousy at details when it comes to government.  then again, looks like the Islamic terrorists might have been successful at infiltrating their program to destroy it.

Ukraine wants Russian troop withdrawal to cement OSCE road map "'We had a lot of words and assurances by the Russian Federation, but the deeds are completely different.'  Russia had promised to withdraw its troops from the border, he said, but they were still there in the same number, and Russia now planned military maneuvers on the border on May 25, the day of Ukraine's presidential elections."

Support for Putin soars in Ukraine crisis: poll - and the hubris just keeps coming with more lying.  write it on a rock and take it to the bank:  Putin will not be in office come 2018.  percentages are stronger in favor that he will be dead long before that date.

International Space Station: How serious are Russia’s threats?

Responding to US and European sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine, Russia says it would consider ending its cooperation on the International Space Station. But its options are limited, say experts.

Modi takes India with eye-popping margin of victory

Narendra Modi's BJP was the first party to win outright in 30 years. It was a stunning triumph for Modi, who ran a presidential-style election campaign promising development and economic growth.

Why Modi matters

His blunt style could galvanize India. Voters have high expectations of his ability to boost the economy, but many Muslims are nervous about the right-wing Hindu nationalist.

Pakistanis wary of Modi's triumph in Indian election

Narenda Modi's victorious BJP took a bellicose stand on Pakistan during the campaign, but a deep partnership that lies beneath the tensions makes conflict unlikely.

Is Costa Rica’s new president less eager to sign trade pacts?

President Solís was inaugurated the same week his predecessor Chinchilla signed a free-trade agreement with Colombia. He's skeptical such pacts are the best way to draw investment to Costa Rica.

Extremist groups battle each other for control of Syria's oil hub

The foreign group ISIS swept into Syria's Deir ez Zor Province to violently wrest control from Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra and force Syrian rebels to join its ranks.

Syrian war prompts unusual cultural exchange with Israel

At war since 1967, Israelis and Syrians rarely interact. But with wounded Syrians seeking treatment in Israel, a rare opportunity for chatter has emerged.

Difference Maker Thomas H. Culhane teaches people to build fuel sources – powered by garbage

Homemade biodigesters turn human and food waste into biogas, which can be used to heat water, cook food, or produce electricity.

Brown at 60: a civil rights landmark

The Supreme Court's 1954 ruling Brown v. Board of Education overturned the idea of 'separate but equal' and became 'the opening salvo' of the civil rights movement, says African-American legal scholar Sherrilyn Ifill.

Town's top cop, 82, uses racial slur to refer to Obama. Is his age to blame?

The N.H. town is seeking the resignation of the police commissioner, just the latest older white man to make a publicized racist remark. But blaming age just avoids the need to confront racism, experts say.

Donald Sterling, finished with apology, prepares to fight to keep Clippers

L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.5 million for racist remarks, is refusing to pay and threatening to sue the league if it votes to force him to sell.

Ex-NSA chief: Odds of terror attack are growing - this disgraced guy just can't shut up with the fear-mongering and the finger-pointing away from his awful leadership, trying to blame others for his bad decisions and inept fantasy style leadership.

White House adds new chief of staff position - meant to keep tabs on ObamaCare

Top U.S. veterans' healthcare official resigns amid scandal

How to answer the Jill Abramson equal pay question - did you know that New York state is the most segregated for schools?  they used to be the liberal stalwart for income inequality and education.  how far they have fallen.  

New York once championed women's issues and women's rights, yet now The Good Ol' Boys Club continues with their bigotry and women-hating by denying this former female editor the equal pay the male editors were receiving.  yeah, not much has changed, now has it?  

women should boycott The New York Times.  I know I sure am because it's one nasty place to work, too nasty a newspaper to take seriously, and wide open and rolling about how much the publisher thinks women don't deserve equal status or equal pay.  

and throwing up a black man to take her place - hoping to shut up or blunt the cries of bigotry, paying him the same as what the white male editors received is even more of an insult, relegating women to the bottom of men's shoes like a dirty gum rapper from a filthy sewer.  when a man asks for a raise in pay, he is heralded as a strong leader.  when a woman, who has earned it, asks for a raise in pay, she is denounced as a greedy bitch and gets fired.  questions?

To police Wall Street, go after the little guys

Lockheed says cyber attacks quadrupled since 2007

Hagel says is not aware of Israel spying on U.S. - that's because our NSA gives them all the intel they want free of charge.  there is no need to spy when they get it so easily.

Hundreds contact FBI in U.S. about overseas pedophile teacher

IEA: Clean energy shift will save world $71 trillion through 2050

A global transition to clean energy would cost $44 trillion but save $115 trillion in avoided fuel costs, according to a new report. Such benefits would be spread out over the course of decades. A broad shift to clean energy will require more holistic, long-term approaches to policy and financing.  

Kepler observatory: It still has plenty of planet-hunting left, NASA decrees

Despite some failed parts, NASA's orbiting Kepler observatory, which specialized in finding Earth-like planets,  has been given a new to-do list that should keep it in the planet-hunting game.

Ancient skeleton yields clues to Native American origins (+video)

Found underwater in a Mexican cave, the skeleton of Naia, a teenage girl who lived about 12,000 years ago is the 'missing link' that explains the mystery behind the first Americans.

First-of-its-kind long-necked dinosaur found in South America

Paleontologists have unearthed fossilized remains of a long-necked sauropod dinosaur, a relative of Diplodocus and Apatosaurus, in Argentina. The find suggests that dinosaurs of this type survived into the Early Cretaceous period.

Why don't octopuses tie themselves in knots? Science now has an answer.

By all rights, octopuses should constantly be getting tangled up by their own limbs. Why don't they?

More hurricanes moving to populated places, say scientists

Tropical cyclones are migrating away from the tropics and toward the poles, toward larger populations, reports new research.

San Andreas Fault: Is California's thirst triggering earthquakes?

San Andreas Fault: Groundwater in California's Central Valley is so depleted that it has raised the Sierra Nevada mountains and Coast Ranges nearly six inches, and has strained the San Andreas Fault.

Earthquakes: Could farming in the San Joaquin 'un-clamp' the San Andreas? (+video)

Pumping groundwater from beneath the San Joaquin Valley has lifted billions of tons of weight off the Earth's crust there, potentially easing stresses that keep the San Andreas from slipping, a study suggests.

Scientists discover world's first fossilized sperm, and they're humongous (+video)

Five exquisitely preserved seed shrimp in a Miocene Era bat cave give a detailed snapshot of an ancient postcoital moment. Their fossilized sperm are the world's first, and they are enormous. Scientists don't know why.  - - - expect to see this in the next generation of Stiffy ads promoting male hormone enhancement products.

Spectacular NASA video shows neutron stars colliding (+video)

Scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center have simulated the collision of two ultra-dense neutron stars, which tear each other apart and ultimately form a black hole.

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PRIVACY LAW: Should US citizens have 'right to be forgotten like new EU law?'

Shinseki offers defense of VA - Shinseki, though a likable guy personally, is not the man to turn around this crooked VA.  people have died waiting for medical help and it's not acceptable that he should not be replaced immediately or not possess the decency to resign.  

Shinseki really does not comprehend how deceptive are the people who work for him.  had he been an "in the field, roll up his sleeves" kind of guy he would have uncovered the crookedness on his own.  he should have toured the questioned agency, not with the agency heads but, instead, asking the average workers what are the procedures for the waiting list.  when they informed him how they were not to place certain information into the computer but rather onto paper, that would have immediately told him who was crooked and how they were doing it.  he should have shut down the entire system that day.  

never put a general in charge of any agency as they walk around thinking they can wave a hand and get the people down the line to do their bidding - and they never check up on them personally.  time for a regime change in a whole lot of agencies under Obama's watch as they are screwing up big time:  NSA, CIA, Pentagon leadership especially with their cover ups of the rape epidemic and protection of serial rapists who are officers with rigged juries.  you name it, the Pentagon covers up their law breaking and crooked deals on the side for stealing money out of the budget.

The official US position on the NSA is still unlimited eavesdropping power

One year after Snowden, the government is defending – in not-so-plain sight – the 'paramount' power to spy on every call and email between you and your friends abroad

Live chat: how America became the United States of Secrets

The United States of Secrets, a two-part documentary about the NSA revelations, began on Tuesday night. Join us to chat about it at 2pm ET on Wednesday

Glenn Greenwald: from Martin Luther King to Anonymous, the state targets dissenters not just "bad guys"

Don't believe the argument that mass surveillance is only a problem for wrongdoers. Governments have repeatedly spied on anyone who challenges their power, says Glenn Greenwald in an extract from his book about Edward Snowden and the NSA, No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald: the explosive day we revealed Edward Snowden's identity to the world

In the hours after his name became known, the entire world was searching for the NSA whistleblower, and it became vital that his whereabouts in Hong Kong remained secret. In an extract from a new book, No Place to Hide, Glenn Greenwald recalls the dramatic events surrounding the moment Snowden revealed himself in June 2013

Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers

The NSA has been covertly implanting interception tools in US servers heading overseas – even though the US government has warned against using Chinese technology for the same reasons, says Glenn Greenwald, in an extract from his new book about the Snowden affair, No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald: 'I don't trust the UK not to arrest me. Their behaviour has been extreme'

He has been lauded and vilified in equal measure. But did the journalist's 'outsider' status help him land Edward Snowden's NSA revelations? Why did he nearly miss the story? And how powerless did he feel when his partner was detained at Heathrow? One year after the scoop, we meet him in his jungle paradise in Rio

NSA reform: lawmakers aim to bar agency from weakening encryption

Concerned about weaknesses in USA Freedom Act, Zoe Lofgren and colleagues pushing to prevent NSA from weakening online encryption with new amendment

Senior U.S. diplomat says actions against Russia 'starting to bite'

Russia says open to talks if Ukraine pays off some gas debt - Putin would just claim he never received the payment and hold them up for more.  Liar, liar, pants on fire is Putin's motto. Trotting out Medvedev as his front and appearing to be a more likable guy than Putin won't work either.  

Hopes fade for survivors after Turkish mine fire kills at least 245

From Russia with concern: Cisco's audits raised red flags about resellers

Separatists kill seven Ukraine soldiers in heaviest loss for Kiev forces

Renault-Nissan's Russian resilience has limits

Russia targets space station project in retaliation for U.S. sanctions - Putin won't even be in power in 2020. what a silly temper tantrum. obviously, Putin is running out of power plays.

Western corporate bosses pull out of Russian economic forum - all right, State Dept, for talking them out of attending conference.  "The chief executives of oil producer ConocoPhillips, jet maker Airbus Group, Visa Inc, Aluminum group Alcoa, Siemens, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, International Paper Company, Pepsi, Italian oil group Eni and the chairman of consulting group Bain & Company are among those no longer scheduled to attend the forum."

Ukraine agrees to talks on Moscow-backed plan for eastern regions - Prime minister to chair discussions on OSCE peace proposals day after six Ukrainian soldiers killed in rebel ambush

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Magic Johnson: LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling living in the Stone Age - NBA legend avoids overt criticism of Sterling but says 'You can't make those comments about African Americans and Latinos' - Magic is a class act as always.

U.S. Senate Democrats offer bill on refinancing of student debt - graduates could use this relief but may not get it if the Republicans campaign against it as they do every good idea on the planet.

U.S. positions forces in Sicily over Libya security fears

In today’s news, one size fits all

Google gets take-down requests after European court ruling: source - why is this not happening here in the US?  hey, I demanded my server take off their spyware, not once, but twice.  Of course, after the second time, I got a call back from the CIA, pretending to be my server's tech support, taking my pulse to get a read on me.  yeah, they figured out I was for real and not a fool - and that I knew to whom I was really speaking.  I know it's illegal and I'm furious about our now police state government shoving this down our throats when we clearly say, "No!" The NSA, a huge monster of an agency that has built up over many decades, has finally done the unthinkable: it's destructive behavior has been turned upon the American people, especially dissenters.

The tech community needs compassion and inclusivity to fight surveillance

We are living amidst a crisis of conscience, politics and action. We must approach surveillance from all angles, taking care not to shame or dismiss people in the process

Streamlining the Postal Service, when a merger fails and ‘Who lost Ukraine?’

Fighting for the future of conservativism

NSA director promises greater transparency - is the new guy just telling us what we want to hear?  is he also telling DNI Clapper want he wants him to hear and not the full Truth either?  Clapper should get outside investigators to do a thorough check on all of his agencies to find out who is shining him on and who is legit.  FYI, an outside agency is NOT the Rand Corporation or any other defense contractors on retainer for the govt.  the Pentagon recently hired their bosom pals at Rand to give report on rape epidemic in military - read that as Pentagon wants cover.

how many new activities did former NSA Dir. Gen. Alexander set in place on his way out, knowing that the new guy, Rogers, might never catch on to his machinations?  former NSA directors, Haydn and Alexander have filled Rogers head with all kinds of BS in order to cover-up their serious mistakes in judgment and illegal doings.

the NSA gremlins have been far too busy, surrveilling journalists when they were supposed to obey DNI Clapper's order to cease and desist.  hey, Clapper, your gremlins disobeyed.  they just chose another spot to tap on the line.  you should fire the whole lot of them and place the NSA under a civilian head, not Pentagon.  the Pentagon is far too interested in cover-up and police state control of the government.

'No Place to Hide' by Glenn Greenwald portrays Edward Snowden as a 'whistleblower in shining armor'

Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who broke the Edward Snowden story, offers further details on his contacts with Snowden and the US government's surveillance system.

Why both sides of the political aisle are turning against Wall Street

More Americans than ever believe the economy is rigged in favor of Wall Street and big business. As a result, populists on both the Democrat and Republican sides are bending toward one another and against the establishment. - yeah? we'll see how long this lasts beyond the next election.

Good government: the happiness factor

Over the centuries governments have been feared, revered, and made the butt of jokes. The best governments do one thing right: they add to the balance of human happiness.

Europe's brush with its past

However the crisis in Ukraine plays out, it has had a profound affect on the thinking of European leaders. Overnight, a continent that seemed to be on a holiday from history has had to grapple with the question of what it stands for.

After Boko Haram kidnapping: What does the US stand for?

It took three weeks for President Obama to publicly address the crisis of more than 250 Nigerian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Evidence is mounting that, beyond its strategic self-interest, the US does not have an operating philosophy on defending human rights.

How Nigerians can thwart Boko Haram

Foreign help for Nigeria to rescue the girls abducted by Boko Haram only highlights the government's failings, notably corruption. To dry up support for such militant groups, Nigerians must put an end to graft in high places.

In praise of the OSCE as Ukraine's friend

An unsung international body, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, has helped many countries become secure and democratic. Now Ukraine needs the OSCE to help resolve its tensions and hold a fair election.

An answer to Ukraine's pro-Russia vote on 'self rule'

The pro-Russia votes on 'self rule' in eastern Ukraine are illegal by any measure but they reflect a legitimate challenge to the nation's identity. The interim government in Kiev has responded well with offers that reflect a civil spirit of democratic unity.

Teaching that's tailored to learners

A classroom revolution is under way that harnesses technology to allow students to learn at the pace best suited to them -- and changes the role of teacher from "sage on the stage" to mentor and coach.

Partners in war, and in ending it

The inclusion of women in front-line combat operations is a belated recognition of their already-substantial role in the US military. 

How China, Russia help spread democracy

Nations not in secure alliances of democracy take note when Russia annexes a piece of Ukraine and China shoots water guns at Vietnam's ships in a claim on the Paracel Islands. Security pacts based on common civic values can be strong deterrents.

Trio of authors recall how they investigated dark family secrets

Three writers – Emma Brockes, author of 'She Left Me the Gun'; David Berg, author of 'Run Brother Run'; and Michael Hainey, author of 'After Visiting Friends' – all investigated dark areas from their families' pasts.

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Refugee influx will test Jordan's business climate

Tensions between the local population and refugees could have longer term economic and political impacts – particularly if the Syrian crisis is prolonged.

Its EU dream thwarted, Turkey rejects 90 million-euro Cyprus fine

The European Court for Human Rights ruled against Turkey for its 1974 invasion of Cyprus. Turkey's refusal to pay damages comes amid waning interest in EU membership.

Boston bombing: why survivor walked off 'Meet the Press'

Boston bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis thought she'd reached an agreement with NBC's 'Meet the Press' not to say the names of the suspects. But she left the studio in tears.

Trials for 3 friends of Boston bombing suspect will be in Massachusetts

A federal judge on Tuesday denied requests for out-of-state trials for three men charged with hampering the investigation into the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Impartial juries can be found in Massachusetts, he ruled.

Donald Sterling slams Magic Johnson as unfit role model

An attempt at rehabilitating his public image turned sour for the Clippers owner when he repeatedly criticized Magic Johnson during an interview with Anderson Cooper. Sterling's remarks let to further condemnations from the NBA. - yet another Scumbag Alert

Karl Rove questions Hillary Clinton's health. Too much or just politics?

GOP political strategist Karl Rove opined recently that voters need to know what happened when Hillary Clinton suffered a fall in 2012. How you view his remarks may depend on what you think about him more generally. - what do I think of him?  Scumbag Alert

WH mocks Rove for ‘brain damage’ remark

MoveOn pressures FCC to drop Web ‘fast lanes’

GOP blocks energy bill, scuttling vote on Keystone XL pipeline - glad to see this expensive future nightmare blocked.  the temporary jobs are not worth the future clean-up from aging infrastructure and danger to underground fresh drinking water. Fresh water is only 3 percent of this planet so it's precious indeed!

Russia's Gazprom demands Ukraine pay $1.66 billion for June gas - yeah? Ukraine will deduct their bill from the $85 billion Putin stole from Ukraine treasury.

Germany hopes Ukraine 'round table' will help disarm rebels

Rebels appeal to join Russia after east Ukraine referendum

France says allies must also make sacrifices over Russian sanctions

Mexico readying legal defense in sugar dispute with U.S.

Russians ditch ruble en masse, data shows - run on Russian banks to exchange and withdraw their accounts into dollars and Euros. Russian ruble falling, not trustworthy currency.

U.S., China spar again on South China Seas dispute - why won't China pay for oil leases from Vietnam?

Russia says EU sanctions will hurt Ukraine peace efforts - Putin following Iran playbook: delay, stall, BS

New NSA chief vows more transparency for embattled agency - more BS, how much money is the new guy making on the side from defense contractors? the Pentagon just won't give it up their absolute power as they are making too much money off of it.

Cyber experts warn Iranian hackers becoming more aggressive - aww, the Russians gave it to them

Is the Kremlin rallying Russians for a new 'USSR-lite'? (+video)

At military parades in Moscow and newly annexed Crimea today, Putin gave further hints of a new Russian doctrine that combines Soviet nostalgia with ethnic Russian themes.

EU adds top Putin aide, two Crimea energy firms to sanctions list

Russia says EU sanctions over Ukraine undermine trust - come on, seriously? Putin not trustworthy

EU sanctions won't have major impact on Crimea: deputy PM

Ukraine separatists appeal to Moscow for absorption into Russia

EU moves cautiously to raise pressure on Russia over Ukraine - and the frogs in the water about to come to a cooking boil crawl at a snail's pace. will they survive or die?

Russia says it respects outcome of east Ukraine self-rule vote - of course they do, they organized the party and only invited themselves.

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Ultra-Orthodox woman blazes trail for vocational education for Israel's haredim

Rivka Yeruslavsky, born into an Israeli ultra-Orthodox family, studied computer science and has gone on to open a vocational school designed to bring more haredim into the workforce.

Geraldine Cox excels as a 'loud and pushy' advocate for orphans

Her Sunrise Children's Village in Cambodia helps children who are 'abused, discarded, neglected, unloved, unwanted'  to grow up to be whatever they want to be.

Putin may have scored another win in Ukraine, but is he in over his head? (+video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin's calls for moderation may have put off the prospect of tougher European Union sanctions, but if he gets bogged down in Ukraine, he could face problems.

Moscow's Ukrainians vote in pro-Russian separatist referendum - Russian created predictable outcome. More BS.

Top Russian Orthodox cleric says refused entry to Ukraine - Russian Orthodox Church corrupt for centuries. Even the Eastern Orthodox Church, 1200 members, have condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and occupation.

Ukraine casts shadow as investors take pulse of fragile economy - Russian economy becoming as bad to worse with run on Russian banks to convert to dollars and Euros.

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US 'report card': stagnation in 12th-grade math, reading scores

Commenting on the 2013 NAEP 'report card' for US 12th-graders, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, 'achievement gaps among ethnic groups have not narrowed.'

Can 20 US women senators help save 276 kidnapped Nigerian girls? (+video)

Twenty female US senators urge the United Nations to add Nigeria’s Boko Haram to its Al Qaeda sanctions list in a bid to help dry up the group's international support and sources of income.

US elevates 'status' of Syrian opposition. Is it everything it wanted? (+video)

The State Department granted 'foreign mission' status to the US offices of the moderate Syrian opposition, modest consolation for not providing the arms it wants for rebel fighters. 

Sexual assault in the military: What happens when the victim is a man? (+video)

By the Pentagon's data, men account for half of all reported victims of sexual assault in the military. 'Yeah, that kind of stuff happens' is no longer considered to be an adequate response, officials say.

Belarus won't block creation of Eurasian Economic Union - "The economic union is intended to be a precursor to a future Eurasian Union sought by Russian President Vladimir Putin to unite at least some of the old Soviet Union as a bulwark against perceived Western encroachment into Moscow's traditional sphere of influence."

Cold War chill may warm voters to EU, leaders hope

Russia stages big Victory Day parade amid Ukraine crisis

Ukraine rebels ignore Putin call to delay self-rule vote

EU's Barroso says Europe divided over Ukraine crisis

Abductions rise in east Ukraine as pro-Russian rebels brook no dissent

Putin to join Obama, Merkel at WWII event in France

Ukraine PM says he suspects Putin plot for victory day

Ukraine rebels ignore Putin call to delay self-rule vote

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UK says deploys a destroyer to track Russian aircraft carrier

Germany welcomes Putin's 'constructive tone' on Ukraine

Ukrainians surveyed want country to remain whole: Pew report

UK deploys destroyer to track large Russian naval task force

EU lays groundwork for sanctions on Russian companies

Russia says has expanded sanctions against U.S., Canada

Putin keeps Russians, West guessing with Ukraine shift

Coca-Cola to close two Russian juice plants as market shrinks

Pro-Russian rebels will hold Ukraine referendum, defy Putin

Putin to join Obama, Merkel at WW2 event in France - Putin, the war criminal in their midst

Pro-Russian rebels will hold Ukraine referendum, defy Putin - what a joke, just part of Putin's plan

China blames U.S. for stoking tensions in South China Sea

British PM Cameron says won't quit if Scotland votes for independence

Deal breakdown leaves 270 rebels trapped in Syria's Homs

UK team arrives to help Nigeria find girls seized by Islamist rebels

Thai police fire teargas at protesters bent on toppling 'Thaksin regime'

How a security expert handles identity-theft protection

Why the Russian sanctions don’t work

Russia’s scorning of Europe

Snowden being manipulated by Russian intelligence: ex-NSA chief - somebody shut up this guy as all he does is look like sour grapes and is playing into Putin's strategy.

No quick fix to Europe's energy dependency on Russia: German minister - read that as German industrialists afraid of losing money, so they control the govt. Sure sounds a lot like what is happening here in U.S. - that's how Putin figures he will win this battle with the West.  Are they going to prove him accurate in his assessment?

Putin honors journalists as Ukraine propaganda war heats up - headline should read: Putin honors sellouts and propaganda suck-ups.

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Exxon says all activities in Russia proceeding as planned - another U.S. Big Business sellout

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