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A Truth Journal: Hillary Clinton: Favorite Chew Toy of Press, Political Enemies? Deleted Emails: Asked, Answered, FBI Investigated

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A Truth Journal: Hillary Clinton: Favorite Chew Toy of Press, Political Enemies? Deleted Emails: Asked, Answered, FBI Investigated: From Denny:  The FBI Director said that only three out of 30,000 deleted emails were classified, devoid of the appropriate markings labeling them as classified.  Later that was revised to 100 emails not properly labeled as classified.  After she was out of office those emails were later classified.  Well, if she did not know they were going to be classified in the future how was she responsible for them before their classification?

As Clinton stated: If you  have worked in the federal government and an email is classified it usually has a huge warning heading at the top of the email to let the recipient know the obvious. None of these emails mentioned by the FBI Director contained such a warning heading about classification.

The FBI Director, a staunch Republican, who you know received tremendous pressure from his party to put Hillary in jail, had to admit she did nothing criminally wrong.  Well, at least he had the good character to put the Truth where it belonged.  Did he think her unwise?  Sure. She took responsibility for using two servers in order to preserve her family's privacy both from the press and political enemies hell bent on crucifying her.  She gets it now.

Of course, the irony here is that her server was never hacked or compromised by a foreign state like Russia or China.  Guess who was? ...

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  1. Denny: I believe that what most people don't understand is how the government and military email systems work. There's not just a single system. There are several. Most State Department email addresses will end in ".gov" That system is authorized to process unclassified electronic mail. Some traffic will be purely routine correspondence. Some will be "Sensitive But Unclassified." (SBU). Some will be "For Official Use Only" (FOUO). There is another email system that ends in ".sgov" That system deal with Confidential and Secret traffic. There is also another system that deals with Top Secret information. Those three systems DO NOT talk to each other. The SECRET and TOP SECRET systems are closed. You cannot send an email from a SECRET system to a TOP SECRET system nor vice versa. You can send nothing from them to the unclassified email system. The unclassified system can send and receive traffic from what is commonly called "the dirty internet." As an example, we are using the dirty internet right now. The problems begin when people try to circumvent these rigid and protected systems by paraphrasing or retyping information that is classified in order to transmit it on an unclassified system. That is a clear violation of policy, law and regulation. It is hard to prove in court the way the law is written but everyone knows that you are not allowed to do it. By virtue that only a few out of thousands of emails were found to have classification markings on them tells me that they all knew what they were doing and went to great pains to cover the trail. Further, information is classified at the time it is produced and classified by the producer. If you take information that you know is classified and transmit in the clear you are violating the established regulations, laws and policies. Just because information was marked classified later does not relieve the sender and receiver of their obligations to protect it. A case in point is that no one in the military is allowed to view the documents on Wikileaks. That information was leaked but it remains classified. To view it or store it on an unauthorized device is a violation and one will lose their security clearance and possibly be prosecuted. It really is that serious. I believe that we can agree that there were many emails on her server that were/are classified. Let's assume that no one ever found out about her basement server. Would those emails be classified or unclassified? Of course they would be classified. They were always classified. They simply never received the markings and protection they required because they were prepared, transmitted and stored on a server that was not authorized to store classified information and no one but the perpetrators knew about it. I don't believe she had any criminal intent and as far as we know now, her server was not compromised. Of course if a foreign government compromised the US SecState's email I seriously doubt they would issue a press release. They would use that information to enhance their own policies and positions. The bottom line is that she mishandled classified information and then threw up a huge smoke screen of technicalities and jargon to completely confuse the issue. Should she be prosecuted for it? Not my call. In my opinion, there is no possible way that after two terms as FLOTUS one term as a US Senator (on the Armed Services Committee) and a term as the Secretary of State that she did not fully understand her responsibility to safeguard classified material. We all know that what she did was wrong. We all know that she got away with it. It's over and done with. Let's move on but let's just not pretend that she's innocent as the driven snow. She knew full well what she was doing, she knew it was wrong and she did it anyway. If she truly didn't know then she is certainly not prepared to be POTUS.