Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Truth Journal: GOP and Rubio 2016: Women Should Suck It Up And Enjoy Results of Rape And Incest?

A Truth Journal: GOP and Rubio 2016: Women Should Suck It Up And Enjoy Results of Rape And Incest?: From Denny:  Does any one in this country actually promote or like abortion?  No.  Even as a liberal I agree with my Republican voting friends that abortion is disgusting and disrespectful of humanity.  But the way the Republican Party screams about the abortion issue does not solve the problem and has not solved the problem in over 40 years.  Obviously, the Republicans do not know how to lead the country - just stir up passions in cultural scream-offs just to win yet another election.  After the elections all the politicians sit on their hands doing nothing until the next election cycle of what will be broken promises.

Planned Parenthood has some serious problems with those insensitive doctors caught on video discussing the marketing of fetal body parts.  Of course, the calculating GOP strategists are promoting that video to rally the cause to defund Planned Parenthood - that also happens to do a lot of good for women's health issues in other areas like cancer testing.  Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the solution that will change the need for abortions.

The real questions every voter should be asking about that Planned Parenthood video is who the hell are these medical science creeps that are demanding said fetal parts be given for free or sold to them for their research and development of who knows what?  How pervvy can you get?  What exactly are they doing with that fetal tissue?  Why is there a "market" for fetal tissue, hearts and lungs in the first place?  Does this situation have anything to do with a severe shortage of donor organs in China with wealthy Chinese willing to pay any price to procure those organs?...

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