Monday, May 12, 2014

A Truth Journal: End Ukraine Occupation: Force Money Out Of Russia By Defying Industrialists

John Sherffius

A Truth Journal: End Ukraine Occupation: Force Money Out Of Russia By Defying Industrialists: From Denny:  Europe's military and EU politicians, most notably Germany, are making the very same mistakes that were made during the lead up to World War Two:  appeasement of a world bully hell bent on expansionism as a strategy for land grabs and natural resource hoarding.

The same propaganda lies are employed in this generation as previously:  "Oh, our ethnic population in foreign lands need us to come rescue them from their host countries." The names of the villains have changed but the strategy and ruthlessness remain the same.  In this generation, instead of Germany on the march, it's Russia that is on the march across Europe, claiming to first make a short stop and "rescue" ethnic Russians in former Soviet satellite countries.

Once Putin is done conquering his nearest - and very weak - neighbors he plans to move across all of Europe.  He's gambling that NATO is too weak and indecisive to oppose him.  Will NATO prove him right in his assessment?  Stay tuned.  Right now, countries like Germany, France, the UK and Italy are too slow to react to Putin's aggression, comfortable in the false belief they will not ever be attacked because they are trading partners and of great benefit to him.  Wake up, Europe, and run from your comfort zone.  "Why trade with a country when Russia can outright own them?" is Putin's thinking right now...

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