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How World Governments Got Incompetent, June 2014: U.S., World News Links

BAGHDAD/ARBIL - Iraqi forces launched an airborne assault on rebel-held Tikrit on Thursday 
with commandos flown into a stadium in helicopters, at least one of which crashed 
after taking fire from insurgents who have seized northern cities. Source: Reuters

From Denny:  Yes, I took a month off from posting.  It was interesting to observe how well the government and the Pentagon would do without me constantly fussing at them, pricking their bloated egos, prodding to action and offering solutions they usually adopted to some degree a few days later, trying not to be obvious they had no good ideas.

Sure rattled the Pentagon I took time away from posting any analysis.  "Where the hell is she?" demanded them of former Navy Seal Richard Marcinko, trying to scorch his butt for thinking he had not kept up with me.  They seem to be worried I'm too smart for them all - like a Snowden.  These guys have a long standing caustic military culture of trying to dominate what they don't understand, attempts to control what they are clueless about and then go ballistic when things don't go their way.  Yeah, we women are a mysterious bunch.  Women are the new Snowdens. :)

FYI, Pentagon boys, take a load off and learn how to roll with situations and people.  Life would be a lot less stressful if you would only overhaul your destructive company culture.  Of course, being the Control Freaks they are, then they tapped their State Department snitches to find out if I'd been traveling to the Middle East because, after all, how is it I have figured out so much about the situation?  Again, since when are you all supposed to be surveilling journalists when you know it's an invasion of privacy and downright illegal??

For a couple of decades now the Pentagon has given automatic promotions - whether deserved - or even if those promoted were interested in or trained properly for their new duties.  As a result the Pentagon's top to middle management is now entrenched with far too many who have no real incentive to do well in their jobs as it came too easily to them.  They did not have to truly prove merit or capability as leaders.  Those who are competent in the military are tearing their hair out in sheer frustration for being surrounded by depraved indifference.

The other layers of the federal government have not fared much better.  The State Department in particular has been staffed with Trust Fund Babies who have never experienced adversity in their lives.  They are clueless as - you guessed it - how to solve serious life issues during times of global adversity.  Some of them mean well and truly care but are just not well equipped to deal with issues other than possessing a grand degree from a name university.

In addition, there are the diva types who are only there to plump up their resumes and play politics, especially when they are members of any White House's current political opposition.  This ugly mix creates dysfunction to say the least.  To say more:  what is really created is often a federal government of intimidation as is glaringly evident at the Veterans Affairs and Department of Justice as it is at the Pentagon.

There is a whole lot of screaming, yelling and finger pointing going on over at the Pentagon and intelligence communities since the White House has been lighting fires under their butts for gross incompetence.  This President should be angry as he has not been well served by the Pentagon, the intelligence communities and his own White House sycophants and political hacks.

We all love to hear compliments, but, at the end of the day it just piles up the screw-ups when you allow that much incompetence to go unchecked.  This President is guilty of depending far too much upon incompetent people.  He has allowed the incompetent people to pet his ego into submission, ignoring the good advice he's been given over the years by competent counselors telling him the truth. (Think: endless stream of good economists in and out the revolving White House door.  Good people giving good advice of how to get the economy off its knees and millions of people back to work.)

FYI, Pentagon Clueless, I don't have to travel to figure out what should be obvious to you.  Nor do I have to be smarter than you to, again, figure out the obvious.  Sadly, it looks like I just might be smarter than you for figuring out the obvious.  But don't worry, America, if you worry our Pentagon is clueless:  the Russians are far worse.  Looks like America is still ahead in that race.

Besides, most world governments are bloated with Trust Fund Babies, political opposition types running interference and The Resume Polishers as badly as the U. S. government. Let's not forget The Sycophant Crowd who meddle in domestic and foreign policies in order to make a name for themselves and "be the guy" who controls a President.  Putin has saturated Russia's government with the exploding population of sycophants and crooks.  The sneakiest are The Crooks who siphon off government funds at every chance, hiding their corruption under the heading of "National Security." World governments are choking out their competence for all the "weeds" run amok.  It's going to take a while and a huge amount of effort to get this world crowd up to speed and on the same page pulling together for the common good.

As to "Ree-chard" Marcinko, he is doing what I requested:  gathering together more of my dragon warriors for more than just a military solution to world issues.  It's going to require mentally tough people who are able to navigate adversity.  Pentagon Clueless and State Department Ninnies, quit getting in Marcinko's path as he is paving the way for a new world paradigm shift that will benefit America and all the other countries as well.

It's a win-win, so quit with the fear mongering and hang wringing before I snail mail Ree-chard one of my autographed Louisiana baseball bats to swat you all.  Marcinko will come collect me when he and my wonderful dragons have had time to gather a large enough group and spend some time together creating and ironing out an organized structure from which to operate.  Get out of Marcinko's way so we can get this group up and running.  (See you when you get here Ree-chard. I'm on "go.")

It's a good thing I love my country because the Pentagon and the federal government need a whole lot of love, tough discipline, and just someone to protect them from themselves to get through the crises coming down the road - and those that have arrived.  For now, just hold your discipline and allow the Sunni ISIS/ISIL crowd to continue to coalesce.  There never was any "Iraq" as the people do not truly think in those terms so quit trying to impose the typical artificial Western solution.  As violent as they are, both Sunni and Shi'ite are carving out their space of governance.  Wait for the right moment before considering any action, militarily or diplomatically.  Do not do any drone strikes yet.  The right moment has yet to arrive.  Wait.

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Iraq crisis: Republicans see ISIS as threat to America, Dems not as much

Jihadis in Iraq and Syria declare a caliphate? Why that's good.

Special Report: How Iraq's Maliki defined limits of U.S. power

Russia to the rescue in Iraq? Moscow delivers jet fighters to Baghdad

Germany's power of attraction in Ukraine crisis

Citing terrorism, Egypt to step up surveillance of social media

In wake of teen deaths, Israel vows to crush Hamas

After three Israeli teens found dead will the revenge cycle be ratcheted up?

Facebook's secret experiment on users had a touch of 'Inception'

Public confidence in Supreme Court at historic low, poll suggests

Why the high court protects cellphone privacy

Hobby Lobby: Supreme Court decision fans flames of culture war

Supreme Court rules against contraceptive mandate in Hobby Lobby case

Have Hillary Clinton's wealth gaffes begun to hurt her with voters?

Census outlines 'poverty areas': Which states hit hardest?

Florida judge dismisses George Zimmerman defamation suit against NBC

Oscar Pistorius ruled sane, as South Africa again transfixed by murder trial

Exclusive: U.N. experts trace recent seized arms to Iran, violating embargo - I told you to reinstate those harsh sanctions months ago.  We all knew Iran was double dealing and profiting behind the scenes.  

Khamenei calls Iraq war a showdown between humanity and barbarity - read this outrageous lying attempt to recast the Sunni-Shi'ite fight in Iraq as something else.  Of course, Iran is cast as the good guy in the fight.

Saudi king, in Ramadan message, vows to crush terrorists

Saudi king tells Kerry he will press Sunnis to join Iraq government

Kerry, Saudi King discuss oil supply, U.S. official says

U.S. Middle East peace envoy Indyk resigns after talks fail

Iraqi troops push to retake Tikrit from rebels, parties pursue talks

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric calls for prime minister to be chosen by Tuesday

Armed U.S. aircraft now flying over Iraq: defense officials

ISIL staged 'mass executions' in Iraq's Tikrit: rights group

Afghan president may not have signed terror finance law: source

Afghan election impasse revives suspicions about Karzai's role - a signal that Karzai refuses to leave office.  Time for ALL the U. S. troops to come home and quit wasting our precious time and resources on a deadbeat country.

Obama blasts House Republicans over lawsuit threat - Republicans complain President Obama issues too many executive orders to make it possible to run the very government the Republicans have almost brought to a stand still for six years now.  This lawsuit from the guys who plan to only be in session to "work" for a mere 26 days for the entire five months ahead.  Seriously??  It's time the DOJ or a private law firm take Congress to court for "malfeasance in office" and "theft by deception."  Taxpayers give these arrogant fools full time pay for not even a respectable amount of part time work.  

Poroshenko ends Ukraine ceasefire, says government will attack rebels

Russia warns U.S. against more support for Syria's opposition

Ukrainian cease-fire expires, with no extension yet

Merkel warns of 'drastic measures' if no progress in Ukraine

EU could expand Russia sanctions next week if needed: diplomats

Ukraine rebels free OSCE monitors, three Ukrainians killed in attack

Russia eyes measures over Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova move towards EU: report

EU signs trade pact with Ukraine, ceasefire extended by 72 hours

Russia's Putin calls for long-term Ukraine ceasefire, peace talks

Sharp rise in people fleeing eastern Ukraine: UNHCR - last week it was 40,000 refugees streaming into Russia.  Now the count is up to 54,000 from Ukraine alone.  There are over 110,000 refugees from various countries.  Putin has done such an effective job of fearmongering for Russian speakers in other countries they are running to Russia.  Well, you broke it, Putin; now let's see you fix it.  Quit whining to Merkel, demanding she and Europe help Russia with this new refugee crisis Russia created in the first place.

EU leaders signal shift from austerity of euro crisis

BNP Paribas CEO tells employees bank facing heavy U.S. penalties

BP seeks to recoup 'windfall' Gulf spill payments - this is the nastiest company in business in this century.  They lie, cheat, steal, ruin entire seafood industries and complain they were taken advantage of???  we are still washing up oil clogs years later after the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico right here in Louisiana and elsewhere on the Gulf coast.  this company has nerve to continue to insult America for their wrong-doing.  this company had to be ordered by a court to pay the settlement they agreed to while they are in years of appeals.  obviously, this latest court move is to get anyone but them to make the settlement payments.  BP is a company of smelly skunks.

World War One: First war was impossible, then inevitable

Sarajevo recalls the gunshot that sent the world to war

Japan set for landmark easing of constitutional limits on military

China looks to gain by joining big U.S.-led Pacific naval drills - this is red flag REALLY BAD IDEA, Pentagon and White House folks.  I'm in agreement with these guys: "But analysts say the maneuvers may only help Beijing strengthen its growing naval capability by observing the forces of the United States and its allies."

Israel tells U.S. Kurdish independence is 'foregone conclusion' - oh, thank you, Israel for reading my political blog, A Truth Journal, and repeating my strategy.  :)  Israel is almost as entertaining as my favorite Russian yard cats.  The way the Russians bluster in public sounds so 1300's.  Who talks like that in the modern era anyway?

With new grip on oil fields, Iraq Kurds unveil plan to ramp up exports

British spymaster John Sawers, head of MI6, to step down - this guy was as resistant to lifting veil of secrecy (possibly revealing serious incompetence in UK as in US) as now former NSA Chief Alexander was.  Both needed to go.

German government cancels Verizon contract in wake of U.S. spying row

Google removes first search results after EU ruling

U.S. power: Waging cold wars without end

No matter what Putin says — Russian people have no appetite for war

Obama seeks $500 million from Congress to help moderate Syrian rebels

Rebuking Obama, U.S. top court limits presidential appointment powers

Two top Veterans Affairs officials leave agency, VA says

U.S. Treasury says reaches foreign tax law pact with China - just one problem, why doesn't Obama do something similiar with the UK too?  It isn't enough to just know who has money in foreign banks.  Right now U.S. businesses are increasingly not paying tax here in America at all but are willing to pay taxes in the UK for around a mere 3 percent.  They are running in droves to the UK.  Yet U.S. businesses keep doing business here, have use of infrastructure and employees but do not contribute to the U.S. Treasury.  Why does President Obama allow U.S. businesses to avoid their tax responsibilities?

Think we don’t need to update the Voting Rights Act? Check out Tuesday’s primaries.

Nebraska lawyer aims to be trust-busting U.S. senator

Why the shift to alternate energies continues, despite shale boom

Cheering USA

Kerry asks Gulf states to do what they can to help Iraq

Saudi king orders steps against 'terrorist threats'

Iraq insurgents seize oilfields, hit air base as U.S. advisers arrive

With eye on Iraq, Kuwait urges end to political games

Divergent visions could split Iraq's Sunni revolt

Iraq helicopter crashes in airborne commando assault on Tikrit

Egypt defends itself at U.N. amid outcry over jailing of journalists - Egypt is over stepping International Smart here.  If they want to continue to enjoy U.S. funding they would do well to free these journalists.  Jailing journalists just makes everyone mistrust the new Egyptian government:  everyone from business investments to other countries' government leaders.  FYI, Egypt: don't expect good press from here going forward.  It's just not smart to harm the guy delivering the message when they are not the originators of that message.  Sisi started out well but has now lost his momentum by cracking down on journalists.  Crack down on the actual terrorists doing the terrorism, not the guys who are reporting about terrorists.

Israel names two Hamas militants as key suspects in kidnappings

Obama administration unveils plan to expand affordable housing

Housing, the ultimate momentum trade

U.S. healthcare profit outlook brightens on Obamacare, drug prices

New York attorney general accuses Barclays of 'dark pool' fraud

Soviet industrial giant's struggle symbolizes Russia's economic dilemma

Obama mindful of U.S. companies on Russia sanctions: White House

Kerry tells Russia to disarm Ukraine separatists 'in hours'

Merkel calls Putin again on Ukraine - with no power or water in eastern Ukraine, those Russian speakers have now crossed the border as refugees into Russia, to the tune of 40,000.  you broke it, Putin, now let's see you fix this humanitarian crisis.

West renews Russia sanctions threat as Ukraine ceasefire crumbles - what are waiting for???

U.S. says has fresh Russia sanctions 'ready to go'

Leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France discuss Ukraine by phone

What is Ukraine's association agreement with the EU?

Russia says next Iran atom talks to be marathon, slams U.N. experts

Sudanese Christian convert set to be freed: lawyer

Polish PM Tusk wins confidence vote despite tapes scandal

Algeria, Egypt's Sisi talk security, gas shipments

Learning compassion from combat

Wars end. Nations move on. But for those who fought, the memories of combat -- of pain, loss, and desperate choices -- don't easily fade, which is why compassionate, effective ways of coping with war's aftermath are so important.

Droning on

As the US again steps up drone attacks, the need for a clear policy on the use or sale of military drones becomes more urgent

Why America should let Iraq resolve its own crisis

The US already destroyed the political, economic, and social infrastructure of Iraq. There is no way it should attempt to re-enter this agony. This is not some jihadi apocalypse. In fact, ISIS is establishing the groundwork for what is emerging as a likely federalist structure of Sunni Arab, Shiite Arab, and Kurdish regions – the only way Iraq can survive for the foreseeable future.

Iraq crisis: A cautionary tale for US exit from Afghanistan?

Some in Congress are alarmed by reports of Iraqi forces throwing down their weapons and fleeing in the face of insurgents. They are asking the Pentagon if the same could happen after US troops leave Afghanistan.

Kerry's message of unity may be a tough sell to Iraq's Kurds

Secretary of State John Kerry visited the semi-autonomous region today and urged the Kurds not to give up on Baghdad. But the Kurdish president told Kerry that 'We are facing a new reality and a new Iraq.'

Kerry urges Iraqi unity, but Kurds and ISIS are creating facts on ground

Iraq's Kurdish minority have expanded their territorial control this month thanks to the collapse of the Iraqi army in the country's north. Kurdish leaders are unlikely to give it back.

As Iraqi conflict flares, Syrian rebels regroup in Lebanon

Syrian regime gains in the strategic Qalamoun area face a counterattack by rebels holed up across the border in Lebanon. Post-Ottoman boundaries are dissolving in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Iraq troubles are unlikely to bring new oil crisis

At Seeds of Peace, we bring kids from conflict zones together to learn to see each other and their differences in a new light. Now, our first generation of alumni are emerging as leaders of their societies and leveraging their experience to build peace.

Israel reins in West Bank military offensive amid fears it could backfire

Since the abduction of three Israeli teens, Israel has arrested about 350 Palestinians, conducted sweeps of 1,800 locales, and raided 64 Islamic charities with suspected links to Hamas. Concerns are growing about resulting Palestinian unrest.

As costs rise, Israeli settlements face questions at home

How China and the US can avoid a catastrophic clash

By provoking US allies, Beijing is forcing Washington to choose between abandoning its friends or going to war with China. Both believe the other will back down. But there is a high chance that they are both wrong. America’s best move then is to change the game in Asia, by offering to share power if China behaves responsibly.

Chinese anti-terrorism campaign moves swiftly in first month

The unusually fast sentencing of over 300 terror suspects, mainly ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang Province, raises concern among human rights watchers.

Spain High Court dismisses China rights cases

China's legendary 'Crazy Yang' oil trader dies

Assange lawyers file Swedish court appeal to end arrest warrant

Egypt jails Al Jazeera journalists, U.S. calls sentences 'chilling'

Lithuanian president compares Putin to Hitler and Stalin-magazine

Poroshenko's Ukraine peace plan gets limited support from Putin

Russia's Putin renounces right to send troops to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin today asked Russia's parliament to repeal the March 1 resolution that allowed him to send troops to Ukraine, as peace talks continue in the troubled country.

Ukrainian refugees find haven with a dash of presidential posh

Thousand of Ukrainians have been displaced by fighting in the country's east. Some have found a safe harbor amid ex-President Yanukovych's sprawling, palatial estate.

Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution

A ruling to reshape the world economy

The US Supreme Court tells Argentina that its sovereignty as a state is not above the principle of treating creditors equally in a bankruptcy. The decision helps set a moral norm that can boost the global financial system.

Readers Write: Affordable US housing ‘the Nordic way’; US Constitution: the vision vs. the letter

Letters to the Editor for the June 23, 2014 weekly magazine:
SEDAN: The May 12 cover story, 'The Nordic way,' reminded me of Sweden’s program to tackle its post-World War II housing shortages – which could be a model for the US.
JOHNSON: There are those who understand and honor the promise and vision of the Constitution and those who can’t seem to see beyond a simplistic, self-serving interpretation of its letter.

'Outpatient' Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl increasing social contact, Army says

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the former captive of the Taliban, moved from inpatient to outpatient care at a military hospital in San Antonio Sunday. Officials say this is just one step in a long road to recovery.

Sudan re-arrests Christian woman one day after release from death row

Freed Christian woman, family detained while trying to leave Sudan

Ibrahim's lawyer told The Associated Press that the 27-year-old was held along with two children and her husband at the international airport in Khartoum, the country's capital.

Boko Haram's kidnapped girls: Nigeria's side of the story (+video)

The Chibok girls were abducted in a state the size of Ireland that has 30,000 schools. Those basic logistics are not so easy to surmount.

Nigeria abduction: 60 females, 31 boys abducted from villages

Security forces denied the kidnappings. Government and military forces have been widely criticized for their slow response to the abductions of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in April.

In growing US sex-trafficking business, majority of victims are American-born

A week-long nationwide sweep has recovered 168 children forced into prostitution in 106 cities. The increase in 'throwaway kids' not reported as missing is creating a larger pool of potential victims, their advocates say.

Literacy crisis: Pediatricians enlist to prod parents to read to kids

The Clinton Foundation's Too Small to Fail is joining forces with pediatricians and others in a literacy push aimed at low-income families: prescribed reading.

How to raise a bookworm

When publishing industry insider Jason Boog became a parent, the importance of his child reading integral to parenthood. Here are his thoughts on raising a kid who loves to read.

1679 shipwreck may have been found in Lake Michigan

Shipwreck hunter Steve Libert and his crew found the debris this month about 120 feet from the spot where they removed a wooden slab a year ago that was protruding from the lake bottom.

Special Report: Rebekah Brooks - The tangled tale of a tabloid career

Former British prime minister chief spokesman convicted in phone hacking scandal

Former 'News of the World' editor Andy Coulson was later communications director for British Prime Minister David Cameron. Rebekah Brooks, Coulson's former newspaper boss, was acquitted in the case.

A nutritious news diet

What passes for news can be trivial or shocking. Careful news consumers think about what they’re taking in.

Saving for a rainy day? 1 in 4 Americans don't.

Twenty-six percent of Americans have no emergency savings of any kind, and a majority have less emergency saving than experts recommend, according to a study from Bankrate. Even as the rest of the economy improves, the US savings rate has been trending downward for decades.

Saudi remains committed to supplying market with extra oil if needed: official

U.S. bill on email privacy gathers majority support in the House

Lawmakers push bill to end sex bias in medical studies

Getting personal, Obama says equal pay important for women and men

Triple financial mystery remains unsolved

U.S. says basic outline in place for international services trade deal

EU threat on banking in U.S. trade talks is empty, official says

Advisers turn to alternative mutual funds on U.S. rate rise fears

GM hit with $10 billion lawsuit

NATO says Russia considers it an opponent, prepares Ukraine aid

EU summit may discuss tougher Russia sanctions: German minister

Ukraine's Poroshenko sets out ceasefire plan after call with Putin

Finnish reasons for joining NATO 'stronger than ever': defense minister

Exclusive: U.S. steel industry may challenge Russian trade deal - sources

Russia says Syria agrees to aid access from Iraq, Turkey, Jordan

Ukraine suspects gas pipeline blast was an attack

Blast hits gas pipeline in Ukraine, no impact on EU supplies-source

Russia cuts off gas to Ukraine as Kiev orders border secured

Russia's Gazprom reduces gas to Ukraine after deadline passes

EU urges Russia to weigh improved offer for Ukraine gas

Merkel tells Putin she's concerned about plane shoot-down

NATO says images raise suspicions that Russia moved tanks into Ukraine

In Ukraine, a day of mourning shows nation divided

Ukraine president plans truce, vows to control Russia border

Two Russian reporters killed in mortar attack in eastern Ukraine

As Ukraine mulls security, some say build a wall with Russia

Ukrainian forces, rebels clash near Russian border

Russia raises Ukraine aid issue, U.N. talks drag on Syria help

Obama, Congress leaders reviewed options for Iraq: White House

Qatar 'very assiduous' in monitoring prisoners in Bergdahl swap: U.S. official

Libya condemns U.S. arrest of Benghazi suspect

Defense officials press Congress to back Pentagon spending plans

Exclusive: Iran digs in heels on nuclear centrifuges at Vienna talks - envoys

Saudis give apparent warning to Iran: don't meddle in Iraq

Iranian veil site gets half million ‘likes’ and state TV rebuke

Iraq asks United States for air support to counter rebels

Hong Kong's democracy 'referendum' likely to rile China's communists

China veto is wake-up call for world’s dealmakers

Competing halal standards leave global food industry with indigestion

NATO says Russian tanks in Ukraine would be serious escalation

Iran says envisages Iraq role with U.S. if Washington tackles regional militants

Iraq insurgent advance slows, U.S. sends carrier to Gulf

Iran's Rouhani: Nuclear deal possible by July 20 with goodwill

Iran would resume enrichment if nuclear talks fail: minister

U.S. says talks with Iran focused on nuclear security, not Iraq

Iraq militant push shrinks scope for Saudi-Iran detente


Democracy is on the ropes. So what are we going to do about it?

Today’s South is boldly moving backward

Whither Cantor and setting the price on a cure

Sending Benghazi suspect to Gitmo would be obstruction of justice

The source may be anonymous, but the shame is all yours

What’s Bergdahl worth? Everything.

China Macau tolerance won’t last forever

Post Iraq, U.S. must rely on covert action

What’s happening in Iraq? Some smart takes to help figure it out.

How — and why — the U.S. must support Iraq

Turkey defends actions over consulate seizure in Iraq, 80 still held

Turkish lenders Ziraat and Is Bank shut Baghdad branches

In defense of Baghdad, Iraq turns to Shi'ite militias

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric issues call to fight jihadist rebels

Iraq's Maliki tells army that Sunni insurgents will be defeated

Iraqi military breakdown fueled by corruption, politics

Taliban changing from religious group to criminal enterprise: U.N.

Obama faces limited options in Iraq crisis, doubts over air strikes

Obama sticks to measured approach on Iraq, defying critics

Obama weighs U.S. action in Iraq but rules out combat troops

Kerry expects 'timely decisions' by Obama on Iraq

Kerry says Maliki should do more to put aside sectarian differences

Syria Islamist militants pause and reinforce from Iraq

Iraq government to blame for Islamist rebel advance: Saudi prince

U.S. contractors in Iraq relocated due to security concerns

U.S. Treasury to discuss funding for Iraq militant group

Kurds realize dream as Baghdad loses grip on north Iraq

Iraq's implosion could redraw Middle East boundaries

Fall of Mosul aided by Iraq's political distrust

Pentagon cannot confirm Iranian special forces in Iraq

U.S. joins Jolie's call to end use of rape in war

U.S. quietly moves detainees out of secretive Afghanistan prison

Mauritanian group issues Facebook threat against female activist: U.N.

Drone strikes kill five suspected militants in Yemen

Turkey pulls diplomats out of Benghazi, urges nationals to leave

Vice-head of China government advisory body under investigation: graft watchdog

China says will never send military to oil rig spat with Vietnam

China arrests prominent human rights lawyer in case watched by West

China says willing to help Iraq in any way it can

Spooked by probes, pharma executives ask: should I leave China?

China’s Hong Kong experiment faces biggest trial

Japan denies brush with Chinese planes, demands China withdraws footage

Japan PM moves closer to winning support for looser limits on military

Wave of crime against women continues in India's biggest state

India rebuffs 'simplistic' U.N. criticism over sex crimes

France deports Tunisian accused of jihadist recruitment for Syria

West African leaders not taking drug problem seriously enough: Annan

Egypt's cabinet to be formed by Sunday, many ministers to stay: sources

Dressed for cycling, Egypt's Sisi calls for help on fuel subsidies

Jets vanishing from Europe radar linked to war games

Ukraine prepares for gas cuts as Russia stands firm

U.S. says Russia sends tanks, rocket launchers into Ukraine

Ukraine accuses Russia of letting rebels bring in tanks

Ukrainian forces reclaim port city from rebels

Bomb found near Ukrainian president's office: source

Ukraine promises 'adequate response' over shot-down plane

NATO says images raise suspicions that Russia moved tanks into Ukraine

President urges Germany to take more military responsibility

Stubb to be Finland's next PM, backs NATO membership

Merkel tells Putin she's concerned about plane shoot-down

Kerry warns Russia over ties to separatists in Ukraine

Protesters in Ukraine rip up Russian flag at embassy

French PM warns disgruntled Socialists they could "disappear"

Partisan America: Divisions deepen in politics, daily life, Pew study finds

Mutually distrustful diehards on the right and left have grown in numbers over the past two decades, says a new Pew study, which finds that liberals and conservatives also differ on whom they marry and where they live.

Obama hints at military action in Iraq. Are airstrikes the only option?

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is reportedly seeking US airstrikes to halt advancing militants amid a crisis that is challenging Obama's claim to have responsibly ended America's Middle East wars.

Supreme Court allows lawsuit over constitution … of a fruit juice

Pomegranate juice company POM Wonderful can sue rival Coca-Cola for unfair competition over an allegedly misleading label, the Supreme Court ruled in a 8-0 decision. - SCOTUS refuses to take a case on an imminent execution of a person they know to be truly innocent but instead are willing to take a case on fruit juice.  impeachment of the entire court, anyone???

Teen alcohol use, sexual activity, and smoking decreasing, CDC finds

The percentage of students who had smoked cigarettes at least once in the past 30 days was 15.7 percent, the lowest figure since tracking began in 1991, according to the CDC.

Eric Cantor loss: Is Washington overreacting?

Eric Cantor's upset is a seismic event for Washington pundits and Republicans scrambling to replace him as House majority leader. But a game-changer for US politics? Not likely.

Did meddling Democrats defeat Eric Cantor?

Former Rep. Ben Jones, a Georgia Democrat who played 'Cooter' on 'Dukes of Hazzard,' claims he was instrumental in Rep. Eric Cantor's defeat. Last weekend, Jones posted a letter online calling on Democrats to vote in the Virginia primary. The letter went viral.

Eric Cantor defeated: Did big business just lose to the little guy?

David Brat lambasted Eric Cantor for his close ties to big business and Wall Street, perhaps striking a chord with Republicans who want the grassroots to exert more control over their party’s agenda, and corporate interests to exert less.

In Cantor defeat, a lesson on how to treat voters

A stunning primary loss for the well-funded House leader Eric Cantor to a relatively unknown candidate may show voters in the Internet Age refuse to be treated as naive targets of expensive campaign tactics.

ISIS advances in Iraq: How will US respond?

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant shocked many with its swift capture of Iraqi cities. Despite US vows of a lighter military footprint, other countries still seem to expect it to step in.

Iraq's crisis: Who's involved and what can they do about it?

Sunni Arab militants, with a jihadi group in the lead, have dealt a stunning series of defeats to the Iraqi central government in recent days.

Sunni militant success in Iraq brings Islamic caliphate into focus

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, backed by other Sunni militants, now controls swaths of northern Syria and northwestern Iraq in which it can impose its harsh rule.

Can an Islamic caliphate survive in today's Mideast?

As the Muslim militant group ISIS advances in Iraq and Syria, its chances of establishing a strict Islamic theocracy will be weakened by its inherent flaws.

Kenyan Muslims cry out after assassination of moderate imam

The shooting of an Islamic leader who preached tolerance adds to a string of unsolved murders of clerics and imams in Kenya's coastal city of Mombasa.

Americans spend billions for air conditioning. How to spend less while keeping cool.

Americans spend more than $22 billion every year on air conditioning. Home owners can save money on air conditioning by replacing windows and calculating costs before purchasing air conditioners.

Top 15 US cities for women in the workforce

The role of women in the national labor force has been steadily rising over the last five decades. Since 1967, the percentage of the US workforce comprised of women has increased from 29 percent to nearly 50 percent. In 1960, only one in ten American mothers was the sole or primary family breadwinner, compared to four out of every ten mothers in 2011.
Nerdwallet broke down a list 522 cities into large, medium-sized and small cities to find  the best  of various types of places for women in the workforce. For more information on affordability in each of these cities, check out NerdWallet’s Cost of Living Calculator.

Rape in wartime: A plan to end it

Angelina Jolie and Britain's top diplomat, William Hague, are dashing myths about the use of rape as a war tool. The world can work to end this crime, as seen in a summit in London this week.

Google blames technical blunder for D-Day Doodle mishap

The Internet was outraged after Google posted a Doodle honoring a Japanese game player on without mention of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Though Google made amends for the mistake with an extensive online collection of D-Day artifacts, this isn't the first time the tech company has caused controversy with its Doodle choice.

One message from Normandy

If the US truly honors its veterans, reforms at the VA must move swiftly.

The origin of peace for Israelis, Palestinians

As other attempts for Middle East peace fail, the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority joined with the heads of two Christian churches in prayers for peace. The event Sunday at the Vatican serves as reminder about the universal source of a desire for peace.

Why America must step up its role in resolving Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict

Stepping up America’s direct role in advancing a resolution to the simmering conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region between Armenia and Azerbaijan is an essential step to serve not only American interests, but to put Vladimir Putin on the defensive.

Modi 2.0: How India's new prime minister may have evolved

As an opposition member of parliament, I can happily say that Modi appears to have realized that he will have to lead the nation from the center and not from the extreme right, where he built his base. But if he backslides, we will resist him robustly. India's democracy deserves no less.

NSA chief Michael Rogers: Edward Snowden 'probably not' a foreign spy

New NSA director plays down speculation that 'our gentleman in Moscow' was working for a foreign intelligence agency

Reddit, Imgur and Boing Boing launch anti-NSA-surveillance campaign

The Reset the Net campaign aims to encourage direct action, urging visitors to install privacy and encryption tools

US supreme court refuses to help New York Times reporter facing jail - "Federal prosecutors want Risen to testify in the case of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA analyst who they believe gave Risen information for his 2006 book State of war: the secret history of the CIA and the Bush administration."

Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden would not get a fair trial – and Kerry is wrong

Edward Snowden is the greatest patriot whistleblower of our time, and he knows what I learned more than four decades ago: until the Espionage Act gets reformed, he can never come home safe and receive justice

On anniversary of Snowden's NSA disclosure, a shocking realization

For all the debate since Edward Snowden's NSA disclosures a year ago, the only thing more striking than the changes that have resulted is how much has stayed the same. Unfortunately, a lack of evidence of cold war-style abuses has dampened the public push for reform.

Facebook gives people more control over ads, collects more user data

Facebook announced Thursday that users can give feedback about which ads are relevant to them. The social network will now be gathering more data on users for these targeted ads, but will also tell people how to opt-out.

Four ways the NSA revelations are changing businesses

Survey reveals that global corporations are still feeling the aftershocks of revelations about NSA's Prism programme

Oliver Stone to make movie based on fictionalised life of Edward Snowden

Film director buys rights to novel written by Anatoly Kucherena, whistleblower's Russian lawyer

Edward Snowden's NSA leaks 'an important service', says [former VP] Al Gore

Former vice-president argues whistleblower exposed 'violations of US constitution far more serious than crimes he committed'

We're all being mined for data – but who are the real winners?

A year on from the Snowden/NSA revelations, John Naughton examines whether big data – the masses of online information collected from all of us – is a force for good or bad

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily

Exclusive: Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama

UK gathering secret intelligence via covert NSA operation

Exclusive: UK security agency GCHQ gaining information from world's biggest internet firms through US-run Prism programme

GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits

Exclusive: phones were monitored and fake internet cafes set up to gather information from allies in London in 2009

GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications

Exclusive: British spy agency collects and stores vast quantities of global email messages, Facebook posts, internet histories and calls, and shares them with NSA, latest documents from Edward Snowden reveal

Government must make case to public for surveillance state, says Theresa May

UK Home secretary admits that individual privacy has become 'a much more salient question' following Snowden revelations

UK Stephen Fry attacks 'squalid' coalition for inaction on Snowden revelations

Broadcaster denounces government response in speech at conference marking first anniversary of publication of NSA files

Deutsche Telekom to follow Vodafone in revealing surveillance

Deutsche Telekom, operating in 14 countries including the US, Spain and Poland, has already published data for Germany

NSA reform bill finds few allies before Senate intelligence committee

Reform advocates, tech leaders and NSA defenders criticise bill as neither adequately defending privacy rights nor national security

Snowden showed us just how big the panopticon really was. Now it's up to us

The scale of the surveillance industrial complex turned out to be so vast that even the NSA couldn't comprehend all the rules it was breaking. One year later, we can finally examine not just the code-named programs but the future of information itself

Edward Snowden calls for greater online privacy in Reset the Net campaign

Whistleblower says 'Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back' as groups join together to try to encourage online encryption

Edward Snowden, a year on: reformers frustrated as NSA preserves its power

A year ago, Edward Snowden exposed the NSA's widespread surveillance practices. Privacy advocates demanded a change in the law – but today, the agency's powers remain largely intact

Four ways Edward Snowden changed the world – and why the fight's not over

Encrypted Gmail. Transparency from mobile providers. Maybe even a legal 'revolt' against 'Orwellian' surveillance. But until we get real reform, NSA and Co may survive in the shadows

Germany opens inquiry into claims NSA tapped Angela Merkel's phone

Unexpected inquiry, announced by federal prosecutor, will determine if US actively listened in to calls 

Microsoft: US must act on 'unfinished business' of NSA surveillance

General counsel Brad Smith says in strongly-worded piece that government must 'reduce technology trust deficit it has created'

How free is Poland?

The 25th anniversary of Polish democracy is bittersweet. 
The surveillance state lives on in a different guise
To get you caught up on the most important stories about the NSA leaks:

Exclusive: NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ (August 2013)

• Secret payments revealed in leaks by Edward Snowden 
• GCHQ expected to 'pull its weight' for Americans 
• Weaker regulation of British spies 'a selling point' for NSA

Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security (September 2013)

• NSA and GCHQ unlock encryption used to protect emails, banking and medical records
• $250m-a-year US program works covertly with tech companies to insert weaknesses into products
• Security experts say programs 'undermine the fabric of the internet'

Project Bullrun – classification guide to the NSA's decryption program (September 2013)

Guide for NSA employees and contractors on Bullrun outlines its goals – and reveals that the agency has capabilities against widely-used online protocols such as HTTPS

Sigint – how the NSA collaborates with technology companies (September 2013) 

Document shows how 'signals intelligence', or Sigint, 'actively engages US and foreign IT industries to covertly influence and/or overtly leverage their commercial products' designs'

NSA: classification guide for cryptanalysis (September 2013)

Guide reveals that NSA 'obtains cryptographic details of commercial cryptographic information security systems through industry relationships'

'Tor Stinks' presentation – read the full document (October 2013)

Top-secret presentation says 'We will never be able to de-anonymize all Tor users all the time' but 'with manual analysis we can de-anonymize a very small fraction of Tor users'

NSA 'hacking unit' infiltrates computers around the world – report (December 2013)

• NSA: Tailored Access Operations a 'unique national asset'
• Former NSA chief calls Edward Snowden a 'traitor'

Obama’s ultimate indignity: Bush seen as more competent

U.S. activists slam possible Walgreen tax move as 'unpatriotic' - time to quit doing business with Walgreen's.  they enjoy the use of American workers, American consumers and American infrastructure but don't want to pay ANY taxes to the United States Treasury.  if this White House and Congress do not stem the tide of U.S. businesses only paying taxes overseas and not at home then the middle class will be hit harder than ever to make up the shortfall.

White House adopts steps to avoid snafus such as naming of CIA chief in Kabul

Iraqi Cities Fall Like Dominoes to Al Qaeda-Inspired ISIL

Iraqi insurgent commander is jihad's rising leader

Iraq insurgents take Saddam's home town in lightning advance


A billboard calling for the release of U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, held for nearly five years by the Taliban after being captured in Afghanistan, is shown in this picture taken near Spokane, Washington on February 25, 2014.  CREDIT: REUTERS/JEFF T. GREEN

Texas military hospital to treat Bergdahl has long history with POWs

Thanks, Internet, for facilitating the golden age of death threats

Defense chief defends Taliban prisoner swap before Congress

Qatari emir assured Obama on security of ex-Guantanamo detainees: nominee

Hearing fails to calm anger over deal to free Bergdahl

Bergdahl reveals the impossible choices faced by hostages’ families

U.S. deaths in Afghanistan may have only tenuous link to Bergdahl

Lawmakers seek to halt Guantanamo transfers, amid Bergdahl furor

White House-Congress rift over Bergdahl deal deepens

Bowe Bergdahl Tried Coast Guard Basic Training Before Joining Army

Audit shows 100,000 U.S. veterans face long waits for healthcare

Senate passes bill aimed at fixing veteran healthcare delays - this Congress, primarily Republicans, choked the budget of the Veterans Affairs, creating this health crisis by not allowing veterans to visit outside health care facilities and to hire more medical staff at the VA.

FBI investigating Veterans Affairs office in Arizona

Exclusive: U.S. using JPMorgan penalty to speed cases against other banks

Justice Department strikes deal with Montana prosecutor over rape cases

Vermont to raise minimum wage to $10.50, highest of any U.S. state

The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard

O.J. Simpson's Bronco Chase: 'Theater of the Absurd'

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" famous phrase

Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wants Trial Moved

James Holmes Jury Selection Will Be Open to Public

Oregon Police Say School Shooter Was 15-Year-Old Freshman

Slender Man Stabbing Suspect to Have Mental Evaluation

Obama says 'we should be ashamed' of failure to enact modest gun control measures

Whether GM or banks, some companies are still too big to jail

Senate panel to probe high-speed trading, broker conflicts

Cantor exit raises Wall Street fears of renewed debt fight

U.S. House Republican No. 2 Cantor to step down after election shock - Republicans eat their own and fast. Cantor would have insisted upon taking over quickly if this shocking election trouncing was another politician's fate. ruthless people making ruthless choices:  live by the sword, die by the political sword in the Republican Party...

Republican Pete Sessions to run for House majority leader

U.S. Representative Ryan says not interested in House leadership post

U.S. House Republicans to meet after primary defeat of leader

Over-confidence and neglect fuel Republican Cantor's stunning fall - up by 36 points Cantor lost to a no name Tea Party professor in a low turn out election.

Republican Cantor suffers shocking loss to Tea Party rival (1:28) 

June 11 - ''A lot of long faces'' as U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia lost to Tea Party challenger David Brat. Jillian Kitchener reports

Tea Party activist who defeated Cantor focused on budget, immigration

Senator Ted Cruz officially gives up Canadian citizenship - obviously this guy is suffering from the delusion that America will violate or change its Constitution to allow someone not born in America to become President: not. Cruz was born in Canada not the U. S.  Cruz thinks if he tells the lie long enough people will not challenge him.

Hillary Clinton says Benghazi probes won't deter possible White House bid

Clinton 'dead broke' remark prompts partisan pushback

Clinton uses book tour to test waters for 2016 White House run

Is Michelle running for the Senate?

Anger by U.S. farmers threatens ambitious Pacific trade pact

Senate panel seeks $2.28 billion to aid immigrant children

U.S. to open third military base to illegal child immigrants

Human Tide of Children Sweeps Across U.S. Borders

Florida governor extends in-state tuition to undocumented students

Obama administration to make push on American Indian voting rights

Election laws that prevent elections

Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK

Thai 'ghost ships' that enslave, brutalise and even kill workers are linked to global shrimp supply chain, Guardian investigation discovers

Trafficked into slavery on Thai trawlers to catch food for prawns

Slavery in prawn trade: consumers urged to check source of seafood

Marine Stewardship Council, Greenpeace and Marine Conservation Society say retailers must be called to account

US may blacklist Thailand after prawn trade slavery revelations

Threat of sanctions unless Bangkok can sort its human trafficking trade, as Guardian investigation shows migrants enslaved on boats working in shrimp supply chain

U.S. spokeswoman Psaki rebukes 'Russian propaganda machine'

Obama moves to ease student loan burdens, urges Congress to act

Obama budget nominee pledges to boost growth, cut deficit

U.S. to reassess missile defense interceptor if next test fails

Obama administration supports Syrian opposition training plan: official

Massachusetts governor unveils plan to tackle opioid drug abuse

U.S. House panel defeats bid to save A-10 'Warthog' aircraft

Exclusive: Kurdish oil finds new buyers in Europe despite Baghdad threats

Ukraine president ready for talks if pro-Russia rebels lay down arms

Russia tells U.S. that Kiev must stop operation in east Ukraine

Putin accuses Ukraine of sabotaging gas talks

Ukraine holds out for bigger gas price cut from Russia

Russian FSB men stole priceless bible, offered bargain sale

Russia, Ukraine to hold gas crisis talks as deadline looms

Five jailed for murder of Russian reporter, but son asks: on whose orders?

Unilever CEO says Russia still land of opportunities

Ukraine, separatists battle to control border with Russia

Ukraine's Poroshenko plans new team to take on Putin, build ties with West

Russia would react to NATO build-up near borders: minister - Putin sure is whining here.  what did he expect?  now he knows how it feels to be Ukraine and the other small countries neighboring Big Bully Russia.

'Patriot's handbook' may give insight into Putin's thoughts

Thousands of naked bicyclists stage festive Portland protest ride - OK, this has absolutely almost nothing to do with global security but it was such a bizarre funny story, well, you know, a Monday Morning Laugh is good for all. wait: it's about energy dependence, so, I am redeemed after all.

Russia faces struggle to wean Crimea economy off Ukraine supplies

NATO Commander says Russia has changed paradigm in Europe (1:45) 

June 5 - NATO Commander General Phillip Breedlove says Russia is no longer a partner, and that NATO's decisions about force size, and placement will be made with that change in mind. Deborah Gembara reports

China says Vietnam, Philippines' mingling on disputed isle a 'farce'

Sisi keeps Egyptian premier to fix economy after turmoil

Britain becomes haven for U.S. companies keen to cut tax bills

Net neutrality: A web of deceit

Technology, not regulation, is the best way to tackle climate change

Iran's Rouhani in Turkey says tackling 'terrorism' a priority

U.S. reconstitutes group to fight homegrown extremists

Obama gives backing to Ukraine's new president

Bill would boost Ukraine's energy efficiency, drilling

Obama says U.S. will defend eastern European allies

Obama offers military help to eastern Europe allies worried by Russia

U.S. vacates base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises

U.S. senators set new bid to overhaul pricey food aid rules

U.S. presses allies to raise defense spending after Ukraine

Poland says France should pull back from Russian navy deal

Poland says welcomes U.S. plans to boost military presence in Europe

Obama says U.S. not interested in threatening Russia

U.S. expects more Guantanamo transfers despite Bergdahl controversy

Kuwaiti faces Guantanamo transfer hearing after security assurances

Bergdahl prisoner exchange: Weighing the blood on a terrorist’s hands

U.S. Army will not look away from any Bergdahl misconduct: Dempsey

Hagel called to testify at House hearing over Bergdahl swap

For fallen soldiers' families, Bergdahl release stirs resentment

Republicans demand hearings in Congress over soldier's release

After Taliban prisoner swap, concerns surface in U.S. over Qatar's role

U.S. reviews military presence in Europe after Russian moves in Ukraine

Obama Syria policy under fire from his former envoy

U.S. condemns Syrian presidential election as 'a disgrace'

Obama to name Berkeley economist to White House council

Obama: U.S., EU must commit to ambitious emissions targets

Exclusive: U.S. lawmakers probe Treasury unit's hiring

Obama creates task force on children who enter U.S. illegally

Senator plans bill to offer military veterans option on medical care

Most Americans blame VA officials, not Obama, for scandal: poll

White House considering Cosgrove to take over Veterans Affairs: source

Senators in deal on veterans health scandal; 18 deaths confirmed

Lawmakers rush to craft bill on veterans health crisis

California voters support plan to spend $600 million for homeless veterans

Bergdahl had left his unit before, but returned: sources

Leave no soldier behind – no exceptions

Bowe Bergdahl’s court-martial by the press

Obama: 'no apologies' on deal to free Bergdahl from Taliban

Taliban commander says prisoner swap shows group has legitimacy

Inside the White House's decision to free Bergdahl

Afghan president fumes at prisoner deal made behind his back: source

D-Day Dispatch: The first reporter on the beach

70 years after D-Day, some companies still struggle with their dark WWII history

Interactive: D-Day: Then and now

Putin, Ukraine leader break crisis ice at D-Day event

Northrop wins $9.9 billion contract for B-2 bomber sustainment

Obama nominates top U.S. general in Afghanistan to lead Marines

Senate approves Burwell as health secretary

Snowden's lawyer says assumes his Russian asylum will be extended

G7 willing to step up sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

U.S. lawmakers question aid to new Palestinian unity government

Israel 'disappointed' that U.S. will work with Palestinian unity government

Kerry says U.S. to work with, monitor new Palestinian government

Immigrants win one third of U.S. Nobel prizes in key fields

Clinton recalls foreign policy disagreements with Obama in book: report

Putin: Hillary Clinton Has 'Never Been Too Graceful' in Statements - Putin admits he is fearful of strong women.

Hillary Clinton looks beyond Lewinsky scandal

Europe to force Google, Facebook to abide by EU privacy rules

The guy who reads crap on the Web so you don’t have to

Exclusive: Egypt turns to Western advisers, signaling possible reforms - sources

Federal agent commits suicide in Pittsburgh Homeland Security office

Exclusive: As bank fines soar, U.S. threatened $16 billion BNP penalty - punitive penalties on the rise for wrong doing.  it's about time!

Pakistan survivor of honor killing attempt fears for her life

With Russia outside the tent, G7 takes aim at Moscow

Left out of G7 summit, Putin wishes world leaders "bon appetit"

Two-dinner Hollande hosts Obama and Putin seeking Ukraine thaw

Ukraine's Poroshenko to be sworn in as east seethes with separatist conflict

Rebels down Ukraine army plane on eve of Poroshenko's swearing-in

Big risks seen in Putin's idea to beef up Gazprom

U.S. to beef up Black Sea presence after Crimea crisis: Hagel

Russia praises Syrian election, criticizes Western reaction

Russia's ambassador to Kiev to attend Poroshenko inauguration

Obama warns Putin to work with Ukraine or face new sanctions

Obama urged Putin to seize chance on Ukraine: White House

G7 leaders meet without Russia, take firm line on Ukraine

Putin says Gazprom may need new capital after China deal

Ukraine says no humanitarian crisis, no U.N. resolution needed - "Ukraine said on Wednesday there is no humanitarian crisis in the country and dismissed a Russian draft resolution to the U.N. Security Council that seeks to create corridors to allow civilians to escape fighting in the east."

NATO commander accuses Russia of destabilizing eastern Ukraine

UK accuses Russia of stirring Ukraine crisis, tells it to end unrest

Poland can only be free and safe inside euro zone: Walesa

G7 powers meet without Russia in summit snub over Ukraine

Ukraine army targets separatists in new offensive in east

Fog of war falls heavy after violence in eastern Ukraine region

Pro-Russia Rebels in Ukraine Say Putin Gave Us 'False Hope'

Sweet salute: Video captures airline gate agent singing national anthem to WWII vets

First Lady Unveils new Effort to end Veteran Homelessness

Dramatic Taliban video shows dazed Bergdahl in handover (2:07) 
June 4 - Dramatic video released by the Taliban shows a dazed Bowe Bergdahl during the moment of his handover to U.S. special operations forces in eastern Afghanistan, ending his five years in captivity. Mana Rabiee reports

Senate Intel Chairwoman regrets lack of notice on prisoner swap (1:28) 

June 3 - Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein calls out the Obama administration for failing to give lawmakers 30 days notice on Bowe Bergdahl's release. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Hong Kong recalls Tiananmen killings, China muffles dissent

More foreign fighters break cover among Ukraine separatists

Obama's counterterrorism doctrine: Let locals lead the fight

Snubs, harsh words at Asia security meet as U.S. and Japan rile China

Republicans question U.S. prisoner swap with Taliban

Exclusive: Shift by hard-line Taliban factions may have sealed prisoner exchange

More foreign fighters break cover among Ukraine separatists

In Europe, Obama gets second chance to explain his Russia policy

Afghans say Taliban prisoners freed by U.S. will rejoin battle

Once on the edge of defeat, Syria's Assad runs again for president

Google in quandary over how to uphold EU privacy ruling

Dressing the VA's wounds: What Obama faces now

Netanyahu urges world not to recognise Palestinian unity government

OSCE in talks to release monitors held in Ukraine, says they're 'OK'

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